Ukrainian Poetry Reading

"Someone wrote of the end of history, that it stopped its flow, rarely waking up, joking out of boredom.” - Boris Khersonsky

On Monday, May 30th at 10am via Zoom, the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies had the honour of hosting five award-winning Ukrainian poets - Borys Khersonsky, Lyudmyla Khersonska, Oksana Lutsyshyna, Maryana Savka, and Lyuba Yakimchuk to read their impactful and timely works in our "Ukrainian Poetry Reading". Each poem was read in Ukrainian, followed by an English translation presented by students from the Department of English.

Additionally, Ostap Kin, who is an accomplished translator of Ukrainian poetry into English, shared his experience of translation as a practice of intercultural exchange.

As Ukraine continues to struggle and stays strong, we cordially invite you to listen to the Ukrainian poetical voices in such challenging times.

Our gratitude to the organizers Magdalena Kay, Olga Pressitch, Hanna Protasova, and Charlotte Schallie, and technical support by Luke Mynott and Jennifer Sauter.

Recording available on Youtube: