'German Grammar: Reviewed and Retold - Germany’s Cultural History from Siegfried to Today' by Dr. Ulf Schuetze

Dr. Schuetze's latest book, German Grammar: Reviewed and Retold, is a user-friendly grammar/workbook designed to give German learners a great basis to build an in-depth knowledge of German.

Bridging the gap between grammar, storytelling, and culture, learners of the German language discover Germany’s cultural history as well as life in Germany today, while absorbing grammatical structures through reading and practice. A key component of this approach is consistency and relevance, enabling students to apply grammatical structures to their language learning, as well as talking about the past, present, and future.

The co-author Lisa Süßenbach completed MA in Applied Linguistics at UVic and taught GMST 202 in the department for three years. To this day, she still has the highest scores received by any instructor who taught that course. She is currently doing a PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University of Calgary.

The book's illustrations are also by a UVic Alumni, our own former ​graduate student and talented artist Caitlin Burritt. There are 100 illustrations in the book, stylized for each chapter and lesson. 

The title page shows rock legend Udo Lindenberg presenting his leather jacket as a gift to Erich Honecker, Secretary General of East-Germany, during Honecker's only ever visit to West-Germany. A true story from 1987. 

Dr. Schuetze would also like to note a special acknowledgement in the book to Joe Parsons from UVic's Learning and Teaching Centre for his generous support of all the projects in our language program over the years.

The book can be purchased from Routeledge, Taylor & Francis Group here: https://tinyurl.com/bdzc8m7k