A talk by Iceland's Ambassador to Canada

Iceland's Ambassador to Canada, Mr. Sturla Sigurjónsson, will give a talk ʺMutual Interests in the North: Iceland and Canada in the 21st Centuryʺ on Wednesday 27 April, CLE A308, at 7:30 pm.

Mr. Sigurjónsson joined the Icelandic foreign service in 1987 and served in a variety of multilateral and bilateral positions abroad, as well as official positions in Iceland. He became Iceland’s Ambassador to Canada in 2014. In his talk, Ambassador Sigurjónsson gives a historical overview of the bilateral relations between Iceland and Canada and their allies. He discusses the current relationship between the two countries and identifies areas where Iceland and Canada have a stake in closer cooperation, as well as pointing out how Icelandic experience can be applicable to Canada. Light refreshments will be served following the talk.