Georgia Sitara

Georgia Sitara
Continuing Sessional Lecturer
Gender Studies, History

PhD 2007, History, University of Victoria

Office: CLE B127

I first started teaching for Gender Studies and History at UVic in 2001. My areas of interest include teaching foundational principles around the themes of gender, race, colonialism, class, migration, sexuality, age and species. I am a dedicated and committed educator, working hard to bring the best scholarship to my students. In 2017, my efforts in the classroom were recognized and honoured when I received the Humanities Award for Teaching Excellence.


2017 Humanities Award for Teaching Excellence

Research Interests

  • Sexuality
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Youth and Children's Rights
  • Animals
  • Canadian History
  • Social Justice

Courses Designed and Taught

  • GNDR 100 Gender, Power and Difference
  • GNDR 219 Topics in Women's Studies:
    • Sex, Power and Pleasure
  • GNDR Topics in Power, Identities and Difference:
    • Animal Rights, Feminist Ethics and Social Justice
    • Exploring Sexuality
  • GNDR 332 What's Race Got to Do with It? Theories of Race and Racialization
  • GNDR 339 Topics in Feminist Theories and Activism:
    • Race, Class, Culture and Ethics in Historical and Contemporary Contexts
  • HSTR 230A History of Canada to Confederation
  • HSTR 230B History of Canada Since 1867
  • HSTR 329B Race and Ethnicity in Canada Since 1900
  • HSTR 330D Topics in Canadian History:
    • Drink and Social Control in Canada
  • HSTR 358 History of Women in Canada
  • HSTR 385C History of Sexuality
  • HIST 468 Topics in World and Comparative History:
    • Kidding Around: Histories of Children and Youth
  • SJS 400A Seminar in Social Justice Studies
  • SOCW 547 Historicizing Social Work

Selected publications

  • "Who Wields Power? A Love Story," Upstage: The Belfry Theatre (November-December 2014): 3-4.
  • "Inclusive Pedagogy in the Women's Studies Classroom: Teaching the Kimberley Nixon Case" written by Viviane Namaste in collaboration with Georgia Sitara, Feminisms and Womanisms: The Development and Praxis of Feminist Movements, eds. Althea Prince and Susan Silva-Wayne (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004); Viviane Namaste, Sex Change, Social Change: Reflections on Identity, Institutions and Imperialism (Toronto: Women's Press, 2005).
  • "No Theory Will Save Us," Atlantis: A Women's Studies Journal / Revue d'etudes sur les femmes, vol. 25 no. 1 (Fall 2000): 132-134.