Jo-Anne Lee

Jo-Anne Lee
Associate Professor
Gender Studies

PhD 1996, Sociology, University of Saskatchewan

Office: CLE B103

Joined UVic Gender Studies in 1996

Trained as a sociologist, Dr. Lee's research focuses on anti-racist, decolonizing feminist theory and practice. She has a background in adult education, community development and organizing with women and girls in urban settings. She writes and researches in the areas of immigrant women, North American Asian feminisms and Asian Canadian feminisms, feminist participatory action research and girlhood studies. Her path-breaking work in participatory action research uses popular theatre, video documentaries, digital media, and arts based methods.

She is a past President of CRIAW, the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, Canada's only independent national feminist research institute.

Research Interests

  • Girlhood Studies
  • Racialized and Indigenous Girls and Young Women
  • Feminist Participatory Action Research
  • North American Asian Feminisms
  • Anti-Racist Intersectional Feminism

Faces of UVic Research: Jo-Anne Lee

Courses Designed and Taught

  • GNDR 205 (WS 211) Girlhoods in Film and Popular Culture
  • GNDR 322 (WS 324A) Girl Power and Feminisms
  • GNDR 325 (WS 327A) North American Asian Feminist Thought and Action
  • GNDR 332 (WS 334) What's Race Got to Do With It?
  • GNDR 333 (WS 336) Anti-Racist Feminisms and Democratic Futures
  • GNDR 335 (WS 338) Border Crossing, Migration and Gender
  • WS 335A Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR)
  • SJS 400A Seminar: Social Justice Studies

Selected Publications


J. Lee & R. Wong (Eds.) Active Geographies: Women and Struggles on the Left Coast, Special Issue of West Coast Line, 58, 2008.

J. Lee & J. Lutz (Eds.) Situating Race and Racisms in Space, Time and Theory, Montreal: McGill Queens University Press. 2005.

Journal Articles

Lee, J., B. Smallshaw & A. M. Peredo. “Rethinking co-operatives: Japanese-Canadian fishing co-operatives”,  Community Development Journal first published online March 18, 2016; DOI: 10.1093/cdj/bsw006.

Lee, J. "Immigrant girls as caregivers to younger siblings: a transnational feminist analysis", Gender and Education, March (2010): 1-15. with Pacini-Ketchabaw, V.  First published on: March 31, 2010 (iFirst) DOI: 10.1080/0954025100367406

Lee, J. "On Citizenship, Transnationalism, Belonging and Racialized Girls’ Identities", 2008. Directions, 4.2:30-37.

Lee, J. "Gender, Ethnicity, and Hybrid Forms of Community-Based Urban Activism in Vancouver, 1957-1978: The Strathcona story revisited", Gender, Place and Culture, 2007. August 14.4: 381-408.


Lee, J. “Teaching White Settler Subjects Anti-Racist Feminisms”. In G. Yancy & M. Davidson, (Eds.) Exploring Race in Predominately White Classrooms. NY: Routledge, 62-78. 2014.

Hankivsky, O.; de Leeuw, S.: Lee, J.; Vissandjee, B.; Khanlou, N. "Introduction: Purpose, Overview and Contribution". In Hankivsky, O. (Ed.) with de Leeuw, S.: Lee, J.; Vissandjee, B.; & Khanlou, N. Health Inequities in Canada: Intersectional Frameworks and Practices. Vancouver: UBC Press. 2011.

Lee, J. & A. Sum. "Exploring Health and Identity Through Photovoice, Intersectionality and Transnational Feminisms: Voices of Racialized Young Women", In Hankivsky, O. (Ed.)  with de Leeuw, S.: Lee, J.; Vissandjee, B.; & Khanlou, N. Health Inequities in Canada: Intersectional Frameworks and Practices.  Vancouver: UBC Press. 2011.

Lee, J.  "Intersectional Feminist Frameworks in Practice: CRIAW's Journey toward Intersectional Feminist Frameworks, Implications for Equity in Health", In In Hankivsky, O. (Ed.)  with de Leeuw, S.: Lee, J.; Vissandjee, B.; & Khanlou, N. Health Inequities in Canada: Intersectional Frameworks and Practices. Vancouver: UBC Press. 2011. 

Lee, J. "Immigrant Women Workers in the Immigrant Settlement Sector". In Daily Struggles: The deepening racialization and feminization of poverty in Canada. M.A. Wallis & S-M Kwok. (Eds.) 2008: 103-112. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press Inc. (Reprint, originally published in Canadian Women’s Studies, 19.3 1999: 97-103).

Lee, J.  "Canaries in a cage: Racialised girls living, in, through, under and over whiteness: Issues of citizenship, identity and social cohesion on the edge of empire", In N. Angeles and P. Gurstein. Eds.  Engaging Civil Societies in Democratic Planning and Governance. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.  2007: 59-88.

Lee, J. "Poverty, Social Exclusion, and Racialized Girls and Young Women.” In Reading Sociology: Canadian Perspectives. Eds. L. Tepperman & H. Dickinson. Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press. 2007: 238-242.

Lee, J. “Issues Constituting ‘Asian Canadian Feminisms.’” In Asian Women: Interconnections. T. Helwig and S. Thobani (Eds.)  Toronto, ON: Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc./Women’s Press. 2006: 22-51.

Video Documentaries
Finding Our Space. Video Documentary with Veronica Pacini Ketchabaw, Winnie Chow. 2009. University of Victoria and Antidote, 30 min.


BC Representative of Children and Youth Cultural Heritage and Diversity Award of Excellence awarded to antidote: racialized and Indigenous Girls and Women's Network, December 3, 2009


Co-Founder and President: Antidote: Multiracial and Indigenous Women’s Network

Past President: Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)

Past Executive Board member: Canadian Women’s Studies Association

Member: Asian Canadian Studies Network, National Women’s Studies Association, Canadian Asian Studies Association, International Sociological Association