Undergrad contacts

General inquiries and reception: 

The advisors within the Department of English are available to help students with various questions about courses and requirements.
Academic Writing Advisor:

Dr. Kelly can help you figure out if you still need to complete the Academic Writing Requirement (AWR), what first-year courses you are required to complete, as well as what AWR course would be best for you.

Undergraduate Literature Advisor:

Dr. van Oort will be able to help you with recommendations and course planning, degree requirements, CAPP report reviews, future education as well as how to fill out declaration forms.

Professional Writing Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Grove-White

Dr. Doyle can help students who are interested in taking Professional Writing courses. She will be able to help students with course and program registration.

Honours Advisor: Dr. Magdalena Kay

Dr. Carson is available to help students who are interested in learning more about the English Honours program, applying to the program and discussing requirements.