Our grads

A grad student
Ann Brydle is one of our alumni. She recently graduated with a major in English and a minor in professional writing. During her studies she was a pivotal member of UVic's Uni 101 program which offers free, non-credit university courses geared for those who face economic and social barriers to post‐secondary education.

We're very proud of our alumni, and you'll find their profiles regularly posted on this website.

June 2013: Melissa Hudson

Communication Manager, SFU

 "Practice what you learn, volunteer your skills, build a professional portfolio, and try to find real clients for your projects."

June 2013: Jane Griffith

PhD Student and Fulbright Scholar

"...Most employers are looking for employees who have whatever skill the employer wants and who are strong writers; whatever field you enter will always value strong writing. This professional writing minor can be paired with many different majors and...you will be a better writer by the end.”

June 2012: Ryan Jabs

Manager of Media Relations and Issues Management, Ministry of Health Communications

...“Being able to cut through legislative language and distill writing down for my reader has been a huge benefit,” says Jabs. He frequently writes for different formats at his job, including briefing documents, news releases, speeches, and emails, all of which he studied in the Professional Writing Program. “Being able to write concisely and summarize arguments clearly has made it a lot easier for me to find work and excel at my job,” he says.

May 2012: Glenn Wigmore

Senior Editor, Hansard

“The strength of the Professional Writing program is that you're working with people who have some level of direct experience in the field, and they can relate things to you from their own experience. The skills they teach are also very tangible..."

May 2012: Elissa Hintz

HR Advisor

 "It’s the part of my undergraduate degree that got me going in my career.”