Steps to apply

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  1. The BA in Health and Community Services is a four year degree program consisting of 30 units of CORE course work.
  2. Students will have usually completed 30 units of 1st and 2nd year course work at UVic or another recognized post-secondary institution, upon admission. However, those who have completed at least 12 units of course work may apply to enter the program in second year for on campus studies only, and applicants with 27 or more units may apply to enter the program in third year for online studies.
  3. Students are selected through a competitive application process.  A GPA of 4.0 (B-) on the most recent 12 units is required for consideration.
  4. Admission of transfer students who have completed transferable coursework at another recognized post-secondary institution will be considered, as per UVic transfer credit policies outlined in the current UVic Calendar.
  5. At least 30 units must be completed in the Health and Community Services Program.
  6. All students must meet UVic’s “Academic Writing Requirement”, as outlined in the current UVic Calendar.
  7. It is strongly recommended that students have completed Precalculus 11 or Foundations of Mathematics 12 or equivalent.

Apply Online

Apply Online

If you are a New Applicant, Already have a UVic ID, or Already a UVic student click-on this link Start your application now.

Required Documents

Required Documents

1) Submit official transcripts

  • High school completion or equivalent
  • All post-secondary
  • Please upload unofficial copies of all transcripts with your online application. Official copies will only be required if you are offered a place in the program.

2) Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent must include the items outlined below, and not exceed two pages in length double-spaced (standard 12 point fonts & one inch margins are required).

A strong letter of intent provides the opportunity to stand out. Please make sure the letter of intent covers the following points.

  • Preferred area of focus and second choice of area of focus
  • Purpose in seeking degree
  • Describe how it would relate experience, goals and career plans
  • Full or part time study

3) CV/resume (maximum three pages)

A CV/resume should contain the following:

  • Skills
  • Employment Experience
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Education

The Letter of Intent and CV/Resume must be uploaded with your online application.

Criteria for review of application and selection

Criteria for review of application and selection

All applicants who meet the criteria for admission to UVic will be reviewed according to the following criteria.

1) Grade Point Average (GPA)

2) Letter of Intent

3) Other considerations include professional experience and community service.

Once admitted to the program students may change their area of focus subject to individual academic advising with the Program Manager.

Some applicants may:

  • have exemplary careers and records of accomplishment yet have irregular undergraduate university records;
  • have a GPA below B- (4.0)

If one of these scenarios applies to you, please include an additional covering letter explaining why your GPA does not reflect your true ability to excel in the Bachelor’s program with your application materials to PHSP.

Tuition Fees and Funding Opportunities

Tuition Fees and Funding Opportunities

For tuition fees information visit Finance your education

For funding opportunities information visit Scholarships, Medals and Prizes

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