Program overview

The BA in Public Health is offered by the School of Public Health and Social Policy in the Faculty of Human and Social Development. This undergraduate program is suited for those with an interest in public and population health, and who want to support health and community organizations to provide inclusive services that address health inequities. With an emphasis on social justice, the program focuses on community-centred approaches to health promotion, health protection, disease and injury prevention, and effective provision of health and community services.

The BA-PH is a distance education program that uses online learning technologies. Most of the program is delivered asynchronously; however, there are some synchronous (real time) components, and students may choose to take synchronous and/or on-campus elective courses. Students are required to attend two synchronous events: the first provides an introduction to the program and strategies for online learning. The second is a conferencing opportunity where undergraduate, as well as graduate, students present their final papers/projects. Delivery mode (online or in person) for these required events will be determined and communicated within students’ letters of acceptance.

During the program you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn about the developments and debates informing contemporary public health
  • develop foundational skills in program planning, administration and evaluation and community development and advocacy
  • complete a practicum to explore the meaning and application of what you learn in your courses as you develop interpersonal and team building skills
  • choose one of four areas to focus on during your program:
    • Ageing
    • Disability Studies
    • Indigenous Peoples’ Health
    • International and Global Health and Human Development

You'll complete the courses online and attend two required online synchronous (real-time) program experiences:

  • Orientation to the program: last week in August
  • Culminating conference: April