Skills and competencies

Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the conceptual foundations of public and population health, including ethics, health equity, and core functions.
  • Examine the history of public health in Canada and the ongoing impacts of key events and policies on populations.
  • Critically analyze how social, structural, and environmental determinants of health contribute to health outcomes across populations.
  • Appropriately apply diverse perspectives on health and wellbeing from Indigenous, other non-western, and western knowledge systems to public health issues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and skills in health research literacy for public health policies and programs.
  • Utilize health promotion theories to analyze public health interventions at the individual, community, organizational and public policy levels.
  • Examine the role of community engagement and community leadership in promoting population health and social justice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to support the planning, implementation and evaluation of health programs.
  • Communicate health information effectively with interprofessional teams and communities.
  • Demonstrate cultural humility and critical self-reflection when analyzing public health information and interacting with diverse individuals, groups and communities.
  • Support organizations and communities to advocate for and advance their public and population health priorities.