Dr. Lindsay Tedds

Dr. Lindsay Tedds
Associate Professor

PhD (McMaster), MA, BA, BA

Office: HSD A362

Professional Information & Research Interests

skype: lindsay.tedds

Blog: http://deadfortaxreasons.wordpress.com/

Professional Information

Dr. Lindsay Tedds is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria. Her primary research and teaching area is applied economic research and policy analysis, with a particular focus on tax policy. Lindsay has also held several posts with the Government of Canada in Ottawa in the areas of public economics and policy implementation.

Research Interests

  • Public economics
  • Economics of taxation
  • Tax non-compliance
  • Underground economy
  • Executive compensation
  • Taxation of long-term incentive awards
  • User fee design and implementation
  • Applied microeconomics

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Kelly Farish and Lindsay M. Tedds, 2014. "User Fee Design by Canadian Municipalities: Considerations Arising from Case Law." Canadian Tax Journal, Vol 62(3) forthcoming.
  • Ryan A. Compton, Christopher Nicholls, Daniel Sadler, and Lindsay M. Tedds, 2012. "Quantifying the Benefits of Backdating: A Canada-US Comparison." Columbia Journal of Tax Law, Vol 3(2), 144-175.
  • Lindsay M. Tedds and Marit Rehavi, 2011. "Special Report - Tax Time: A Workshop Discussion on Recent Research in Applied Public Finance." Canadian Tax Journal, Vol 59(4), 783-805.
  • Catherine Althaus, Lindsay M. Tedds, and Allen McAvoy, 2011. "The Feasibility of Implementing a Congestion Charge on the Halifax Peninsula: Filling the "Missing Link" of Implemenation." Canadian Public Policy, Vol 34(4), 541-561.

Books, Chapters, Monographs

  • Catherine Althaus and Lindsay M. Tedds (forthcoming) Implementing User Fees (Toronto: Canadian Tax Foundation).
  • Lindsay M. Tedds, 2010. "Tax Policy Changes in the 2009 Budget: Much Ado About Stimulus?" in Charles Beach, Bev Dahlby, Paul Jobson (eds.), The 2009 Federal Budget: Challenge, Response and Retrospect (Queens University Press, ON).
  • Lindsay M. Tedds, 2005. "The Underground Economy in Canada" in Chris Brjada and Friedrich Schneider (eds.), Size, Causes and Consequences of the Underground Economy (Ashgate Publishing, UK).

Other Publications (book reviews, reports, etc)

  • Ryan A. Compton, Daniel Sandler, and Lindsay M. Tedds, 2009. "Comments on National Instrument 55-104 Insider Reporting Requirements and Exemptions," Ontario Securities Commission, March.

Grants & Awards

  • Canadian Tax Foundation, "Implementing User Fees" 2012, $37,000
  • University of Victoria Internal Research Grant, 2012, $6,935

Recent Speaking Engagements & Event Participation

Paper, Lectures, Addresses

  • Do Insiders Follow the Rules? Accuracy of Insider Reporting Filings in Canada, Canadian Law and Economics Association Meetings, Toronto, Ontario, September 28-29, 2012.
  • Exploring a Potential Policy Framework to Support Succession Planning in Small and Family & Businesses, 26th Annual Conference of Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Calgary, Alberta, October 28-30, 2010.

Courses Taught

  • ADMN 502A: Research Design: Critical Appraisal of Information
  • ADMN 509: Public Sector Economics
  • ADMN 518: Economic Policy Analysis

Professional Appointments & Memberships

  • Canadian Women Economists Network
  • Canadian Economics Association
  • Research Data Centre Access Committee, SSHRC and Statistics Canada