JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program

**Important note** The delivery format has changed. This course is now being offered in a remote format; with a reduced price. 

The University of Victoria Centre for Evidence-Informed Nursing and Healthcare (CEiNHC) is offering comprehensive systematic review training as a five-day, intensive online course. 


Delivery Format

Remote (Online) Synchronous delivery


May 30-June 3rd, 2022, 0845–1600 PST


This CSRT program is designed for people interested in completing systematic reviews using JBI’s well-recognized approaches, including researchers, clinicians and librarians. Participants must complete all three modules and will receive a reviewer certificate from JBI and a one year subscription to JBI Sumari.

The following three modules will be offered:

Module 1: Introduction to Evidence-based Healthcare and Systematic Review of Evidence (Monday)
Module 2: The Systematic Reviews of Quantitative Evidence (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Module 3: The Systematic Reviews of Qualitative Evidence Generated by Qualitative Research, Narrative and Text (Thursday & Friday)

For more information on the JBI course content please see the JBI Education website


Participants will benefit from training provided by a team of JBI certified trainers which may include Dr. Diane Sawchuck from Island Health, Drs. Karen MacKinnon and Dzifa Dordunoo from the University of Victoria, and Drs Christine Godfrey and Rosemary Wilson from the Queen's Collaboration for Health Care Quality.

Program Cost

The cost for this five day program is $1300 + 5% GST. A limited number of subsidized registrations are available for faculty and doctoral students at the University of Victoria, our partner colleges and affiliates at Island Health. Participants with these affiliations should contact Heidi Sugars at nursresearch@uvic.ca prior to registering


Registration will remain open until May 13th, 2022 at noon CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Class size is very limited. This course is being offered based on a minimum number of participants. No refunds will be offered after May 16th.

An online learning platform, Brightspace (D2L), will be set up for participants to access the JBI reading package and additional resources. The site will open one week prior to the start of the course and remain open for one week after the course is completed. Participants are strongly encouraged to read the materials and complete the workbook activities in advance. We will cover some of the material more quickly to ensure participants are able to complete the interactive components of the program and have an opportunity to work on developing their own review protocol.


Participants will need a UVic NetLink ID to access the Brightspace learning platform. If you do not already have a UVic Net Link ID, we will request one through the UVIc affiliate ID program. Participants will also need to register with JBI in order to access JBI Sumari during the course. It is essential that participants confirm access to all course materials prior to the start of the courses. We will provide a technology checklist and can arrange a one-on-one virtual check-before the start of the course if needed.


Please contact nursresearch@uvic.ca