Ruth Larson

Ruth Larson
Assistant Teaching Professor
School of Nursing
Office: HSD A416


Area of expertise

Evidence informed practice; chronic disease management in the elderly; impact of NP primary care delivery on “End of Life” care planning for seniors; how NP leadership is enacted in clinical practice

My teaching philosophy and approach to both teaching and learning are informed by my experiences as a student at the University of Victoria for both my BscN and Masters degrees. I have had many positive experiences with preceptoring and mentoring NP students from various university programs and backgrounds. I enjoy the reciprocity of learning, and how the role of teacher provides opportunities to be self reflective. 

I think of the line “Put me in the game coach, I’m ready to play” as one that helps me to see you (students) as individuals who have worked hard to get to this level of ‘game’. You all have come with a variety of backgrounds. Your background will vary in amount and type of education, life experience, language(s) spoken, skills, ethnicity to name a few. It is with that awareness that we start our learning together.  

I have a goal to help nurses develop as competent and capable professionals; with high self efficacy, able to apply competencies to new tasks, to collaborate with others and to demonstrate creativity. 

I encourage a willingness to both work together towards improvement, to ask questions, and to try to unlock potential together.

I believe it is essential to provide you, as students, with clear expectations, and information about how I work, and how I provide feedback. 

Learning should be fun, collaborative, and full of opportunity to learn how to be that practitioner who has high self efficacy, who is competent, creative and collaborative.