Adjunct Faculty

Darin Abbey, RN, BA
Areas of interest: simulation, resuscitation (BLS/ACLS/Sepsis)

Elizabeth Banister, RN, RPsych, BScN, MA, PhD
Knowledge translation, health education, and adolescent critical media health literacy and gender; and qualitative inquiry (narrative inquiry, ethnography)

Kevin Kwan Wun Bei, BSN, MN, NP
Areas of interest: Chinese medicine, HIV preceptorship, PHSA Indigenous Cultural Safety

Rosanne Beuthin, RN PhD
Areas of interest: narrative research, narrative nursing approach, metaphors, storying, aging with HIV

Elizabeth Borycki, RN, HBScN, MN, PhD
Areas of interest: Informatics, disease management informatics

Susan Breiddal, RCC
Areas of interest: counselling and facilitating, presenting and training, teaching, curriculum development, on-line learning, writing, intercultural communication

Judy Burgess, RN, MN, PhD
Areas of interest: Advanced Nursing Practice, leadership, primary health care, mental health, young adults, health promotion

David Byres, DNP, MSN, BSN (Hons.), BA, RN, CHE
Areas of interest: leadership, government relations, health policy, regulation, education, nursing policy, health equity, addictions

Brenda Canitz, BScN, NP, BA, MSc
Areas of interest: Interprofessional practice, Community health, Employee Engagement.

Sonya Chandler, RN, BSN, MPH, BCHSL
Areas of interest: public health and healthy public policy, municipal politics, women's/youth health, transitional change, health systems

Gerrit Clements, BA, LLB
Areas of interest: health law, in particular health and mental incapability law, consent, substitute decision-making

Nicole Cook, RN, MSN, CCCN(c)

Elizabeth (Betty) Davies, RN PhD, CT, FAAN
Areas of interest: palliative care, particularly for children and families

Melie De Champlain, RN, MSN, MHM
Areas of interest: International work, refugee health, emergency relief in crisis, provcess improvement in Health Care (LEAN), Health Care Management, Program Management, Planning, Project Management

Mary DeRossenroll, RN BSN
Areas of interest: vascular access

Anita Dotts, RN, BSN, MSN, NP (F)
Areas of interest: chronic disease management, preceptor for NP students, OSCE examiner

Barb Eddy, NP(F), MN, CHPCN (c)

Barb Fox, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC, NP(F)
Areas of interest: leadership, course development, clinical, nursing research

Julie Fraser, RN, BSN, MN
Areas of interest: home care nursing, professional practice, nursing and health government lobby strategies, board participation on nursing organizations provincial and national, governance structures and nursing council development

Jan Grauman Neander, MA
Areas of interest: governance structures and nursing council development

Kathryn Hannah, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD
Areas of interest: Nursing informatics, clincial terminologies, EHRs

Kathleen Harris
Areas of interest: Indigenous contributions to allied Health curriculum and course development

Joan Humphries, RN, BSN, MN PhD
Areas of interest:  clinical proficiency in ICU, cardiac, respiratory, paediatrics, maternity & labor & delivery. Leader in curriculum development, student progression, Indigenous initiatives and simulation.

Coleen Heenan, MS, NP (A)

Lisa Henczel, RN, MN, NP (F)
Areas of interest: Health promotion, Advanced Practice Nursing, primary care

Julia Hickey Somerville, MD

Joan Humphries, RN, BSN, MN, PhD
Areas of interest: clinical proficiency in ICU, cardiac, respiratory, paediatrics, maternity & labor & delivery. Leader in curriculum development, student progression, Indigenous initiatives and simulation.

Sally Kimpson, RN, BSN, MA, PhD
Areas of interest: critical disability studies, socio-economic well being of disabled women, disability and nursing, social policy analysis, qualitative design, post-structural though and writing processes

Marnie Kramer-Kile, BSW, MTP, PhD
Areas of interest: Nursing research, grant funding consultation

Helena Lizardo Daudt, BSc, MVS (vet science), PhD
Areas of interest: Information needs, knowledge exchange, supportive care, hospice palliative care

Marjorie MacDonald, BN MSc, PhD
Areas of interest: Public health nursing, public health systems and services research, health equity, research methods

Joanne Maclaren, RN, MN

M. Star Mahara, RN, BSN, MN
Areas of interest: Anti-racist, non-discriminatory nursing education and practice, feminist and critical perspectives

Stanley Marchuk, BSN, MN, NP(F)
Areas of interest: Outcomes research, Nurse Practitioner integration, nephrology, patient self-care outcomes and interventions

Erica Maynard, BSN, MN, NP(F)

Beverly McKee, RN, BA, BN, PhD(c)
Areas of interest: rural and remote nursing, advanced practice, nurse practitioner studies, population health, cultural safety, Indigenous knowledge and methodologies, social justice

Anita Molzahn, PhD, RN, FCAHS
Areas of interest: quality of life, chronic illness, nephrology nursing

Jeannine Moreau, RN, BSN, MN, PhD
Areas of interest: Membership on grad committees, guest lecturing, participation in workshops

Dawn Nedzelski, RN, BSN

Natasha Prodan-Bhalla, BScN, MN, NP(A), CCN(C), APRN(BC)
Areas of interest: Women's health, cardiac prevention and health

Mary-Ellen Purkis, RN, BS, BSc, PhD
Areas of interest: ome care nursing, community-based care of persons with dementia, care transitions for older people

Della Roberts, BSN, MSN, CHPCH(c)
Areas of interest: hospice palliative care, life limiting chronic illness

James Ronan - PhD, MN, CPNP-PC
Areas of interest: pediatrics, nurse practitioner education

Leanne Rowand, DNP, MSN (Family NP)
Areas of interest: Healthcare reform, mind/body health, primary health care, organizational culture, interprofessional teams, NP integration, leadership, community engagement

Diane Sawchuk, RN, PhD
Areas of interest: global maternal health, labor and delivery, program evaluation, knowledge translation, writing and publication, grant writing.

Kara Schick-Makaroff, RN BScN,PhD
Areas of interest: chronic kidney disease, quality of life, ethics, mixed methods research, qualitative inquiry, narrative 

Rita Schreiber, RN, BA, MS, DNS
Areas of interest: Membership on grad committees, consultation regarding research design and data analysis

Marion (Susan) Shumay.RN, MN, NP(F)
Areas of interest: pediatrics, adolescent medicine, sexual assault

Cynthia Smith, BSE, MHSA, DrPH
Areas of interest: Health Promotion, Public Health, Social Determinants of Health, Intersectoral Collaboration

Mary Smith, RN, MScN, NP, PhD(c)
Areas of interest: Indigenous Knowledge and Research, nephrology and organ transplant, nurse practitioner education

Janet Storch, BScN, MHSA, PhD
Areas of interest: Serving on school committees, participation in workshops, consultation in public relations, health policy, community liaison, membership on graduate students dissertation and thesis committees, consultation regarding research design and data analysis

Carolyn Tayler, R.N, B.N, M.S.A, CON (c)
Areas of interest: Palliative care, end of life, health policy and research

Ann Tourangeau, BScN, MN, PhD
Areas of Interest: Health services research, leadership, nurse work environments

Jeannette Watts, BScN, MPH
Areas of Interest: Aboriginal health and public health/Home care nursing in Aboriginal communities

Wendy Young, PhD
Areas of interest: Research facilitation, knowledge translation coordination