Professors Emeriti

Elizabeth Banister, RN, RPsych, BScN, MA, PhD
Knowledge translation, health education, and adolescent critical media health literacy and gender; and qualitative inquiry (narrative inquiry, ethnography)

Betty Davies, RN, PhD, CT, FAAN
Pediatric palliative care (PPC) with the practical goal of optimizing quality of life for seriously ill children and their families.

Isobel Dawson, , BScN, MScN, MA, PhD
Health promotion-education; health care delivery; programme planning-implementation and evaluation

Barb Fox
Nurse practitioner scope of practice, seniours health, preventative care, pulmonary and allergic disease

Elaine Gallagher

Lucia Gamroth,  BSN, MPA, MS, PhD
Gerontological nursing, dementia care, health supporting environments for older people and program evaluation, especially evaluation of nursing practice environments and environments supportive of undergraduate nursing practice education.

Virginia Hayes,  MN, PhD
The impact of children's chronic conditions on family members and families; family-as-unit research; family centred care; program evaluation; qualitative method.

Elizabeth Lindsey

Marjorie MacDonald, RN, BSN, PhD
Public health nursing, public health policy and practice, health services research related to public health services/systems renewal, primary health care, adolescent health promotion, smoking and drug use prevention, adolescent health literacy, and advanced practice nursing, particularly in a public health context.

Jessie Mantle,  BSN (McGill), MSN (California)

Joan MacNeil, PhD, RN
HIV/AIDS, risk behaviours, working with isolated and marginalized populations, as well as research on "care" and nursing theories.

Marjorie McIntyre,  PhD
Women’s sexual and reproductive health and the politics of nursing knowledge. Focus on underserved populations.

Jane Milliken,  BScN, MA, PhD
Social causes and consequences of chronic illness and family caregiving for people with severe mental illness, often using grounded theory as the methodology.

Jeannine Moreau, RN, BSN, MN, PhD
Gerontology, women and violence, nursing education

Mary Ellen Purkis, BN, MSc, PhD
Home Care and community-based nursing practice, Ethnography, Care practices, Care of older adults living with dementia, Academic administration

Robin Scobie, RN, BSN, MN
Nursing education

Janet Storch, RN, BScN, MHSA, PhD, DSc (Hon Ryerson), LLD (Hon UWO)
Nursing ethics, from bedside practice to nurse leader ethics.