Dr. Susan Prendergast

Dr. Susan Prendergast
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Office: HSD A462


Area of expertise

Nurse practitioner education, primary care, fertility, endocrine health, pregnancy, birth, mothering, hormone replacement therapy

Dr. Susan Prendergast NP, has been involved in nurse practitioner curriculum design, education regulation, and research for over 15 years in Alberta and Nova Scotia and now British Columbia.

Graduating with her undergraduate degree from McMaster University, she worked as a RN in the NICU and public health in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta. As well, Susan was fortunate to be able to complete her Midwifery education and to work alongside pregnant and birthing women in New Zealand.

Susan’s experiences working overseas spurred an interest in her to pursue a graduate degree. Since completing her MN-NP, Susan has worked in primary care with women and unattached patients but also, as a second support to local Midwives.

Susan’s research passions center around birth and mothering and as well, nurse practitioner education and practice. Susan continues to work clinically as a NP and is the owner and Clinical Director of Ellithia Healthcare, a primary care practice where she provides care virtually for people seeking support with fertility and endocrine health.