Dr. Susan Duncan

Dr. Susan Duncan
School of Nursing
Office: HSD A402

Susan Duncan, BSN, MScN, PhD, FCAN

Area of expertise

Nursing education leadership; policy analysis and advocacy; participatory research; public health nursing; primary health care

As former Director and current Professor in the School of Nursing, I have the privilege of working with exceptional colleagues to position nursing education and our programs to prepare excellent nurses and develop nursing knowledge needed to transform care delivery and promote health.  The School is part of the Faculty of Human and Social Development with rich and diverse interdisciplinary connections for faculty and students. This is a time of opportunity for influencing directions in nursing education and the nursing profession. I bring my broad experience and expertise in nursing and health policy to my work at a pivotal time for influencing the directions of nursing education and future health systems.  I am passionate about creating the best systems for students and for the health of populations we serve. 


My current research and scholarly work is in four areas:

  • Policy analysis in nursing education and health systems

  • Leadership, board governance  and political influence in nursing organizations

  • Indigenous health and nursing

  • Public health nursing and primary health care

I enjoy working with research teams inclusive of a variety of members. I have led collaborative research initiatives with nurses at the point of care, students, and faculty members. Initiatives have focused on practice education models, nursing competencies, and research capacity building. I have also worked with Indigenous communities to identify health system and research priorities and to inform educational initiatives aimed at enhancing recruitment and success of Indigenous students in nursing programs.

My scholarship also focuses on policy and organizational development in nursing education. I am a member of the Advisory Board of the Canadian Nurse Educators Institute and serve as a member of the executive of the Nursing Education Council of British Columbia.


  • Nursing Leadership theory and practice

  • Community health nursing theory and practice

  • Inquiry methods and policy analysis

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

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Selected Book Chapters

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