Education verification

Are you planning on working outside your current jurisdiction?

If you are seeking registration with a nursing regulatory organization outside of your current jurisdiction, you will be asked to provide a breakdown of theory and practice hours and experiences in your BSN or MN program at UVic.

As each regulatory body has their own forms and process there may also be additional requirements, (i.e., a letter from the School of Nursing).

  1. Submit your request to , including your full name (and any name change since you attended UVic), student number, current phone number, and the regulatory body to which you are applying for registration. Include a $50.00 administrative fee payable to the “UVic School of Nursing” using a money order, certified bank cheque, cash, or credit card. For those paying by credit card, the processing of verification information will be delayed until UVic Accounting notifies the School of Nursing the transaction been processed. (This may take a few weeks.)

  2. Mail the forms from the regulatory organization with your signature and advise the of any additional information required.

  3. Order your UVic transcripts from the Office of the Registrar. When making your request please ensure you do the following:

    • Place your order online, and select Delivery Method: Email. Use as the recipient email address for all transcripts to accompany CGFNS forms, and the Office of the Registrar will send your transcript directly to the School of Nursing.

    • If you require a hardcopy to be sent to the UVic School of Nursing, select the Delivery Method: Pick up in person and email from the email address linked to your UVic profile, to request that your transcript be sent to the UVic School of Nursing via intercampus mail

    • If there are any other special instructions or forms that need to be included with your transcript, please email prior to placing your order

    • Please make sure to check the requirements of the regulatory body before ordering your transcripts. Transcript fees are non-refundable.

Note: For those going to the USA, you may require the same documentation for the VisaScreen credential assessment through the Commission on Graduates for Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS International) in addition to the requirements of the particular state regulatory organization. You will need to order another transcript for CGFNS requirements. Students requesting a breakdown of hours from the School of Nursing to meet the State and CGFNS requirements at the same time will only be charged one $50.00 fee.

The School of Nursing will send all required documents to the regulatory body and/or CGFNS.

A copy of the documents and receipt for the fee will be mailed to you.