Graduate studies

Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG)

Students admitted into the Master of Art in Indigenous Governance (MAIG) program complete 10.5 units of coursework and 4.5 units for the community governance project. The program is full-time and seminar-style courses are offered on campus only. Students typically complete the project-based program within two years.

Students in the MAIG program benefit from the long-standing academic and research relationships with our UVic community, and international partners.

A research thesis option will be offered for Fall 2022.

Typical program structure (by term)


  • IGOV 510 - Indigenous Introduction to Local Lands, Waters and Languages (1.5 units) 
  • IGOV 520 - Indigenous Governance in a Local Context (1.5 units) 
  • IGOV 530 - Indigenous Research Methods (1.5 units) 


  • IGOV 550 - Indigenous Peoples and Self Determination in a Global Context (1.5 units) 
  • IGOV 570 - Indigenous Feminism and Resistance (1.5 units) 
  • IGOV 575 - Mentorship (1.5 units) 

Elective (1.5)

Complete 1.5 units of electives in a related field of study with permission of the relevant course instructor, the student’s supervisor and the Graduate Adviser.

IGOV 598 community governance project (4.5 units)

Projects are geared toward providing a practical learning experience and opportunity for students to face the real world challenges of governance in an Indigenous context. They also serve a crucial function for affiliated communities in providing access to the university’s resources and expertise through the students’ participation in projects to enhance the community’s governance capacity.

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