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A new approach to Indigenous governance

Indigenous Governance at the University of Victoria is recognized as one of Canada’s leading programs for the advancement of Indigenous resurgence and self-determination. Graduates play critical leadership and advocacy roles in their nations, communities, in government and across influential organizations at all levels.

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Program renewal

In September 2021, the Indigenous Governance Master of Arts program will relaunch with a transformed vision and strong commitment to creating academic pursuits and experiential opportunities while building upon knowledge that bridges generations.

The curriculum includes sustaining and expanding local, national and international partnerships, community-engaged research and Indigenous scholarship with a focus on traditional ways of learning.

The renewed Indigenous Governance program draws on the advice and counsel of Elders and Old Ones, academic colleagues, students, alumni and community to bring the best of our academic and community scholarship forward and embrace the wisdom of respect for all peoples.

We have responded to our students’ needs by creating a reimagined program to engage the diversity of peoples and cultures, the intersection of gender, and acknowledging the influence of historical political power on Indigenous populations across Canada and around the world.

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Looking forward

The Indigenous Governance program continues to build on traditional strengths, dedicated to Indigenous ways of knowing and being, innovative scholarship and teaching methods. It embodies a thorough understanding of the current political realities of Indigenous communities in an enriched program with greater emphasis on:

  • Indigenous feminist and gender perspectives
  • Indigenous health and wellness
  • critiques of power production and use
  • strong connections with local community, languages and the land
  • deeper engagement with land-based curriculum, community governance projects and theses
  • enhanced academic cultural supports for students to navigate being good visitors in this territory
  • engaging Indigenous governance from the perspective of sustainable development and water security during an era of climate change

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Collaborations and partnerships

The transformed Indigenous Governance program employs strong partnerships with other innovative initiatives at UVic and overseas:

  • The world’s first Joint Degree Program in Canadian Common Law and Indigenous Legal Orders (JD/JID)
  • Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU)
  • Indigenous Nationhood graduate certificate program
  • Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement (CIRCLE)
  • Uvic's Indigenous language revitalization programs
  • Longstanding international partnerships like the Indigenous politics program at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

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