Indigenous Governance

Celanen is a word in the local Indigenous language, SENCOTEN, that refers to the rights and heritage and nationhood of the Original People.

Challenge yourself

Indigenous Governance programming is recognized worldwide for its relevance to Indigenous communities. Research and course content are informed by a deep respect for Indigenous knowledge and traditions as well as a thorough understanding of the current political realities of Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Governance follows an approach to learning that is characterized by personal dedication to Indigenous values and a commitment to community. IGOV supports the use of innovative teaching methods and aims to provide a sound and challenging educational experience. Our faculty, staff and students are held to very high standards of academic performance and ethical conduct, and our program of study integrates critical and intellectually challenging coursework, an Indigenous ethical framework for conducting research, and requires the establishment of long-term and mutually productive working relationships with Indigenous communities.

Become a leader

Indigenous Governance offers a Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG), a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) by Special Arrangement, a Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Nationhood and select undergraduate courses. Our programming is recognized worldwide for its accountability and relevance to Indigenous communities.

Our students come from Indigenous and non-indigenous communities alike. IGOV graduates are employed in many areas including academic professions, professional research, community development and policy analysis.

Serve the community

Commitment to community is central to the IGOV approach to learning. Students are strongly encouraged to challenge themselves in their academic work and in applying the knowledge and values shared in the classroom to IGOV community projects and work in their own communities.

As our goal is to prepare students for leadership roles, we try to provide opportunities outside of the classroom that teach, practice, and honor Indigenous ways of knowing through experience and active involvement with local Indigenous communities.

Becoming an effective leader requires the ability to find balance in all areas of one's life including academic work, personal health, family, and community. Maintaining this balance requires both a healthy body and a healthy mind. IGOV offers weekly group physical and cultural activities to support students in finding their balance.