Standing Together to End Racism

A message from Dean Tricia Marck

The Faculty of Human and Social Development is a place for our students, staff, faculty and community partners to learn and work together to make the world a better place for all. We are saddened and angered by the recent killing of George Floyd by police and by the systemic racism that supports such acts of violence. We are heartened to see our President speak up, and we stand in solidarity with all those impacted by structural and everyday acts of racism, and we renew our commitment to working toward dismantling oppressive structures and systems

Racism is harmful. It harms our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends emotionally, physically and spiritually. It wounds all of us in ways we may not recognize. Hurting one person through an act of racism hurts all of us. We need to call on each other to do better. If you are not a member of a racialized group, ask yourself what you can do: Call out racism when you see it, educate others, work for organization and policy change, contribute time or money to those who are working for change.

We encourage every person who wants to be part of a better human race to take a few minutes to listen to one of our own academic leaders, Dr. Devi Mucina, Director of UVic’s Indigenous Governance Program, along with others, speak about the struggles they face every day because of systemic racism with CBC’s Kathryn Marlow:

The teachings of the First Peoples of this land, the Coast Salish Peoples, who demonstrate the importance of respect for self and for others, offer all of us a good place from which to carry this shared work forward:

Heʔkw səl’elexw’tala sčelāŋen’s | Remember our ancestors/birthright

Nəə māt gwens čey’i | Work together

New’ews sn ʔeyʔ šweleqwəns | Bring in your good feelings

ə’sacʔəy’xw meqw tə’sa tečel | Be prepared for all work to come

We cannot move ahead when we do not appreciate our own history, and that of others. We will all be better people and stronger communities by collectively standing up to racism in any form, every time, anywhere in the world. This struggle is everyone’s struggle, and none of us are what we could be, as people or as communities, until we all raise each other up together. Let’s all do more, and be prepared for all the work to come.


Patricia Marck RN PhD
she/her  Professor & Dean
Faculty of Human & Social Development