ITCH Conference
We are proud to host an international conference addressing Information Technology and Communications in Health every two years

Visual and Automated Disease Analytics Graduate Training Program July 2021:

The VADA NSERC graduate training program is co-led at the Universtiy of Victoria by Dr. Andre Kushniruk and Dr. Elizabeth Borycki. The program is a joint initiative between the University of Victoria and University of Manitoba. Through the VADA Program, trainees gain cutting-edge data science knowledge and skills in the areas of data visualization and analysis within a cooperative and experiential learning environment. In July of 2021 the School of Health Information Science provided the Summer School. Click here to watch the recordings.

Health Terminology Standards - Virtual Mini-Conference May 2021:

As part of the Health Terminology Standards Certificate, a half-day virtual mini-conference was held to discuss efforts to improve health equity by incorporating social determinants of health data standards into digital health systems. For recordings and slides click here.

Information Technology and Communications in Health (ITCH) February 2019:

The ITCH conference focused on Improving Usability, Safety and Patient Outcomes using Health Information Technology with over 190 participants from 15 countries from around the world attended workshops, the poster sessions and oral presentations. The conference proceedings have been published and are available through an open access at and are indexed in Medline.