Health informatics specialists advance equity for sexual and gender minorities by modernizing how identities are documented within Electronic Health Records

Dr. Francis Lau and Dr. Karen Courtney
                                       Dr. Francis Lau and Dr. Karen Courtney

A UVic-led research team was awarded funding through the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research to develop previous CIHR-funded work in modernizing how sexual and gender minorities are documented and identified within Electronic Health Records.

“We aim to reduce discrimination and stigma by improving how we document gender, sex and sexual orientation within electronic health records systems,” said Dr. Karen Courtney, associate professor with UVic’s School of Health Information Science and co-lead on this study.

“Next steps are to explore how we can translate our equity-oriented clinician-focused interventions into various media then share these tools across Canada,” said Dr. Francis Lau, professor and study lead. “The expected outcomes of this project are to define ways where we can tailor knowledge translation tools when identifying sexual and gender minorities across our local, regional and national health care system.”

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