Selena Davis

Selena Davis
Adjunct Assistant Professor

BSc (University of Waterloo), BEd (University of Western Ontario), MHI (Dalhousie University), PhD (University of Victoria)

Dr. Selena Davis is a research scientist and digital health consultant. She is passionate about healthcare system transformation and empowering patients in health and care via an integrated digital health ecosystem and intelligent clinical tools and information technologies to improve care and outcomes.

Selena is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Health Information Science at University of Victoria and Adjunct Professor at University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, Dept of Family Practice. The focus of her research and publications has been in the areas of design and implementation of patient digital health technologies, patient-centered measurement, implementation science and practice, and data science in healthcare. Selena’s professional consultancy roles focus executive-level, strategic digital health leadership, research & development.