Jeff Barnett

Jeff Barnett
Adjunct Assistant Professor

BSc (UBC), MSc (Victoria)

Jeff Barnett is a healthcare researcher and consultant. He is the former Director of Clinical Informatics at the BC Cancer Agency. His area of expertise includes project management, procurement and electronic record systems. For over 25 years he was a clinical pharmacist at the BC Cancer Agency before switching to a career in informatics. His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from UBC and a Masters of Science Degree in Health Informatics from the University of Victoria in 2007. Jeff was the first graduate if the HINF Distributed Master’s Program at the University of Victoria. His current area of informatics research includes privacy legislation in healthcare, pharmacovigilance, telemedicine and Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE). Jeff is a member of BCHIMPS as well as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria.