Dr. Linda Bird

Dr. Linda Bird

BIT (Queensland) PhD (Queensland)

Dr. Linda Bird is the Head of Implementation Support at SNOMED International, where she provides direct assistance to national, regional and local implementations of SNOMED CT across the globe. In her prior role as Head of Education, Linda was responsible for delivering a global education program to develop SNOMED CT knowledge and skills in over 80 countries. Linda’s areas of expertise include SNOMED CT implementation, data analytics and terminology binding to information models.

Linda’s other roles have included: information architect at MOH Holdings Singapore, senior information architect at NEHTA Australia, team lead for the Titanium (Interoperability) project at DSTC, information architect for the Brisbane Southside HealthConnect trial, E-health consultant for the Centre for Military and Veteran Health, senior data modelling consultant for the Brisbane North Division of GP’s Coordinated Care Trial, senior data architect for Asymetrix Corporation (Seattle, USA) and data modelling consultant for the National Archives of Australia.