Specialization planning

SCYC offers a number of specializations. We make every effort to offer required specialization courses every other year on a predictable schedule. Please note:

  • The term each course is offered within the academic year may vary.
  • Remember that all courses are subject to enrolment and budget availability.
  • This schedule is offered as a planning aid but we are unable to guarantee course availability.

Early Years Courses and specialization requirements

This stream is open to all Child and Youth Care program students. CYC 382 and CYC 482 are required for the Early Years Specialization:

  • CYC 382:  Early Years Program Approaches – offered Fall (September) term;*
  • CYC 482:  Leadership, Advocacy & Program Planning in the Early Years – Spring (January) term.

* 382 is a prerequisite for 482

Early Childhood Education (ECE) certification

SCYC does NOT offer a path to level one ECE certification with the BC Early Childhood Education Registry.

Early Years Stream vs ECE Certification

The Early Years stream does not equate to, or result in, a basic ECE license or certification through the Ministry of Education and Childcare. Prior to 2019, the School was able to offer students the option of becoming a licensed (basic) ECE worker. However, due to curriculum changes, the School is no longer able to make this option available to students. Students accepted into our program by September of 2019 were required to let Advising know of their interest in ECE certification by November 2019 in order to work with Advising to complete the necessary courses. If you entered the program prior to September 2019, but did not notify us of your interest by November 2019, you are no longer eligible for this option. This qualification is NOT granted by UVic. We had a previous agreement with the ECE Registry to ensure that students could meet the ECE required outcomes. This agreement has expired and the School can no longer meet the Ministry's licensing requirements. As we no longer meet the licensing requirements, we are unable to complete the Program Confirmation form for the ECE certification.

If you are in the Early Years stream, and you would like to pursue certification as an ECE worker here is the link to the Ministry of Education and Childcare outline a few options.


Indigenous Stream

This stream is open to all Child and Youth Care program students. The following courses must be completed to meet the requirements for the Indigenous stream:

  • Complete all of the following
    • Complete all of:
      • CYC330 - Applied Practice in Indigenous Contexts (1.5)  - January term
      • CYC430 - Research Practice in Indigenous Contexts (1.5) – January term
      • CYC355 - All My Relations Practice with Indigenous Families (1.5) – September term
    • Complete  1 of:
      • CYC410 - Advanced Supervised Practicum (4.5) – in an Indigenous setting
      • CYC411 - Advanced Supervised Block Practicum (4.5) – in an Indigenous setting.


  • Indigenous Specialization courses replace core courses CYC 356, CYC 370, and CYC 423.
  • Indigenous Specialization students can take CYC 356, CYC 370, and CYC 423 as electives.
  • Students in more than one specialization stream need to complete the requirements of each stream.

Child Protection Stream

This Child Protection stream is open to all Child and Youth Care program students.  Required courses are outlined below.

Complete all of:

  • CYC350 - Applying CYC Practice in Child Welfare Contexts (1.5)
  • CYC411 - Advanced Supervised Block Practicum (4.5)*

* To complete the Child Protection requirements, students must complete a 400 hour practicum in a 12 week term in a government child protection office or a child welfare designated agency and successfully complete core CYC courses with a 65% or better.