Application Process and Deadlines


Are you ready to apply for practicum? Follow these steps ...

  1. Create, edit and update the following documents:

    • A current resume

    • A professional cover letter

    • A Practicum Request Form (located on the Practicum Portal in Brightspace)

  2. Submit all three completed and carefully edited documents through the CYC Practicum Portal in the designated dropbox. NOTE: If you are a newly admitted student and plan to complete a Fall practicum, contact  to make arrangements.

  3. Ensure that the School has a current Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file (Further information on the Practicum Portal and on the left navigation bar)

  4. Make sure you have the necessary pre-requisites and meet the application deadlines outlined below.

Applications will be reviewed by the Practicum Coordinator and incomplete packages or poorly written cover letters and resumes, will be returned. It is important for you to include all relevant information on your practicum request form to help the Coordinator determine the best match for your interests and level of experience. Late applications may not be accepted. Questions regarding practicum can be posted in the appropriate forum in the CYC Practicum Brightspace site or directed to 


Application deadlines for completing a practicum in Canada




September to April practicum:

Apply by March 15

September to December practicum:

Apply by March 15


January to April practicum:

Apply by September 15


May to August practicum:

Apply by January 15

Supervised Practicum I
(1.5 units)
Year-long, not available CYC 211 not available CYC 211  CYC 211
Supervised Practicum II
(4.5 units)
CYC 310 CYC 311 not available CYC 311 not available CYC 311
Advanced Supervised Practicum
(4.5 units)
CYC 410 CYC 411 CYC 411 CYC 411


  • Block practicum placements are completed in 4-month, intensive sessions. Students are typically in placements 25 or more hours per week during block placements. Practicum courses offered at a regular pace typically require students to be in practicum 12 - 14 hours per week.

    Note: BC Criminal Records Checks are valid for five years from the point of issue so if you have provided a CRC within the past four years, you do not need to re-apply. See the Criminal Records tab on the left navigation bar for more detail.


International practicum placements are only available for CYC 411 students. Application deadlines are:

  • September 15th for CYC 411 placement in the following May - August block
  • January 15th for CYC 411 placement in the September to December block
  • March 15th for CYC placement in the following January - April block