Relationships and alliances

Victoria Autism Society walk
UVic supports the community in many ways such as this fundraising walk held on campus for the Victoria Autism Society

Creating vibrant communities together

The Community Relations department builds and maintains links between the university and its various external communities. It serves an outreach role to the wider community by:

  • organizing educational, cultural and networking events
  • sharing information with community leaders
  • providing advice and support for university initiatives that link to the public

Community Relations represents UVic at off-campus events and to civic organizations. They stage community forums and support UVic participation in community initiatives. These include sponsorships, program partnerships and attendance at fundraising and charitable events. Visit the Community Relations site.

Government, business, and strategic alliances

The University of Victoria thrives on our close partnerships with organizations and businesses across Vancouver Island. We are committed to the transfer of knowledge from UVic research activities to the private sector, and are dedicated to the social, cultural and economic development of BC and Canada.

The University of Victoria is pleased to support the community through memberships in the following organizations: