Here are some frequently asked questions about the University of Victoria's Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) program.

How can I apply to the BCom program and when is the deadline?
Learn how to apply and the January deadline at our Admissions page.

What are the tuition costs for a UVic BCom degree?
Student complete 20 non-commerce courses and 20 commerce courses to fulfill their degree. Most students complete 10 courses per academic year. 

We calculate tuition per unit. Most courses are 1.5 units. 

You can calculate tuition fees using the information provided by UVic. Please note that only COM, ENT, IB, SMGT courses are calculated at the business tuition rate.

Will my application be reviewed if I submit my supplemental application and transcripts before the deadline?
Yes, if you submit your application before the deadline and your application is complete, we will review your file. We review high school applicants based on completed courses and self-reported grades.

We encourage applicants to submit their application early in January, before the deadline. We do not give preference to early applications. However, the application date may impact the admission decision date.

I’ve moved since I applied. How do I change my address so the Gustavson School of Business can contact me?
For current or returning UVic students, you can make address changes through:

Online tools>Student services>Your profile>Contact information. 

For non-UVic applicants, please contact the BCom Recruiter

What is the GPA cut-off for the program?
The final admission cut off varies from year to year. We determine the cut off once we have received and reviewed the entire application pool for that admission period.

Please review the BCom application criteria by applicant type.

How do you calculate my GPA?
British Columbia high-school applicants:
We calculate your GPA based on Pre-Calculus 12, English 12 and your top two approved academic 12 courses. 

Alberta high-school applicants:
We calculate your GPA based on Mathematics 30-1, English Language Art 30-1 and your top two approved academic 30/31 courses.

Other high school applicants:
Please use this guide and state your region of study and curriculum. 

Current UVic or transfer students:
We calculate your most recent 12.0 units of attempted course work. Also, we calculate your GPA on all required courses completed by the application deadline. The combination of these two averages equates to your quantitative score (admission GPA).

If I am a current UVic or transfer student, will my grades from the spring term be used to calculate my admission GPA?
No, we only use course work completed by the application deadline, Jan. 31, to calculate the quantitative score.

However, if you have completed fewer than 30 units of course work by the application deadline, your offer of admission will be conditional based on your grades in your remaining course work in the spring term.

What if I have not completed 30 units of course work by the application deadline?
If you are a current UVic or transfer student and have completed less than 30 units of course work by the application deadline, your offer of admission will be conditional based on your grades in your remaining course work in the spring term.

Please review the information regarding application criteria for more detail.

What if my college/university calculates my GPA differently than UVic?
Contact the  to clarify how your grades will be viewed.

When and how do you let people know of an admissions decision into the program?

We will notify you by email of our admission decision. We will attempt to communicate all decisions by April 15.

If I don’t get in, what do I do then?
You may find speaking to a BCom program adviser helpful. They can help create a course plan or provide advice that may help your chances of getting into the program. This includes feedback on your BCom supplemental application.

You can contact the BCom program office at 250-472-4728 or email your questions to the . 

How do I appeal your admission decision and how does that procedure work?
If we deny your application for admission, you may submit a written request for reconsideration to the BCom Program’s Director of Administration, Kate Donovan, within 14 days of notification of a denial of admission. 

What if I fail a course?
A fail counts as an attempt at a course. We use that grade in any GPA calculation. Make an appointment to see a BCom Adviser to determine how it may impact your future course planning.

What pre-commerce electives should I take?
The BCom program does not value certain non-commerce electives over others. We encourage students to take courses in foreign languages, other cultures, and different economic and political systems and ethics. You may wish to refer to our Pre-Core Course Guide.

Do some courses “count” more than others? 
All applicants must complete the required courses for application to the BCom program. These courses will count for your GPA in required courses. We may also use these to calculate your GPA on most recent 12.0 units of course work, if applicable.

What transfer credit will I get?
Transfer credit is usually determined by Undergraduate Admissions when you apply to UVic. We use your official transcripts to check any credit. Undergraduate Admissions may also request syllabi or course outlines to determine if they are transferable. 

Students from British Columbia post-secondary institutions can access transfer credit information through the BC Transfer Guide.

Can I defer my offer of admission?
Yes, as long as you are not planning to attend another post-secondary institution, you may request to defer your admission offer by one year. You may only defer an offer of admission once. If a student does not begin studies the following year, they will need to reapply.

Current high school students:
You must apply for an official admission deferral through the University of Victoria. To defer your offer from UVic, please visit the admissions website.

Transfer students and current UVic students:
To defer your offer, please send a written request to advisor@uvic.ca and we will let you know if we have approved it. Please note that we may need transfer students to submit a new application to UVic and an updated résumé.

Once I am a student at the Gustavson School of Business, can I delay my start to the BCom core?
Yes, BCom students may choose to delay their start date for the BCom core. Students may request an in-program deferral to allow themselves more time to complete their progression conditions or for personal reasons for up to one year. To request an in-program deferral, please contact the BCom program office in BEC 283 or contact  to book an advising appointment. Please note this only applies to students who have already started classes as a student at UVic and have been admitted to the Gustavson School of Business. If you have recently been admitted but have not commenced classes yet, please see “Can I defer my offer of admission?” above.