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Mentorship program

Gustavson's mentorship program empowers students to refine their career and life goals with personalized guidance from a business professional.

Info for mentors

The success of our mentorship program hinges on support from the business community. Our mentors often say that they got more out of the relationship than the mentee.

Matching process

Our well-aligned matching process ensures that mentors and students agree to a partnership that caters to their interests and requirements.

Our mentor group embodies a remarkable spectrum of experience. Newcomers to our program seamlessly integrate into a dynamic and expanding network.

Info for students

This experiential learning element adds depth to your schooling and provides practical insights, enhancing your career development.

The program aims to:

  • match you with a business executive who aligns with your career interests
  • provide someone who is willing to serve as your "sounding board"
  • add meaning to your classroom experiences
  • boost your business and career development
  • help you develop insights and make better career choices

Program guidelines

  • participation is voluntary
  • there are 3 formal times to apply (September, January and May) 
  • you and your mentor must agree that your match is a good fit
  • your partnership runs 2 terms or 7 months and can be extended if you and your mentor agree
  • you and your mentor establish expectations and set your own agenda
  • feedback and self-reflection are important for both you and your mentor
  • commit your time—expect to meet once a month on average
  • it is your responsibility to be proactive and set up meetings with your mentor


Gustavson students can apply for a mentor through their program manual in Brightspace. Business minor students interested in mentorship can contact the Connections Hub to learn more.


Mentors are expected to:

  • commit to a formal 7 month mentoring relationship with a student
  • meet face-to-face a minimum of once a month
  • help students think through career decisions and life choices
  • be available should important questions or issues pop up
  • guide the ongoing mentoring agenda
  • provide support, challenge student thinking and give feedback
  • provide industry guidance and insights
  • help students gain connections through their network

Mentors are not expected to:

  • find co-op positions or jobs for students
  • give students “the answers” or tell them what to do

Students are expected to:

  • be open to someone helping you think through personal and career issues
  • be self-motivated and prepared to commit the time
  • be accountable to make your relationship with your mentor a success
  • have an interest in personal learning and reflection 

Contact us

If you would like to get involved or learn more, please email us.