Workplace Skills Conference


At A Glance:

This event is a three-day conference taking place on September 4 – 6th, 2019, that kick starts third year students’ official introduction to the BCom program at the Gustavson School of Business. It will be an opportunity to not only network with business professionals, but also allow students to meet their peers and get a taste of the real business world. The conference features workshops, speaker series and networking opportunities to equip attendees with soft skills that they may not necessarily learn inside the classroom.

This year's theme is “Beyond All Limits”

The conference will highlight how a business degree offers endless opportunities throughout your career, creating a journey of your own. There is no single path to be followed on this adventure. Instead the journey is composed of multiple paths leading to growth and discovery. This conference is intended to introduce attendees to concepts, themes, and strategies that have worked effectively in the modern business world.

Students will learn how they can inspire positive change by seizing experiences and taking risks before starting their expedition into business. We hope this conference will allow students to begin their business journey by allowing them to be inspired, prepared and professional for their adventure ahead in the business world.

Check our 2019 conference program for more information.

Thank you to all our sponsors who are making this 16th edition of the conference a reality!


If you are a BCom student preparing for the Workplace Skills Conference, please check CourseSpaces for all the information and pre-work.

If you are a member of the business community wanting to find out more about the conference, including ways to get involved, please contact our Conference Coordinator, Sarika Kumar. We'd love to hear from you.