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MGB program structure

Program overview

The Master of Global Business (MGB) program immerses you in new cultures and gives you real-world business experience. Taking you to 3 continents over 12-16 months, your experience is topped off with a global internship that will help launch your international career.

The MGB program starts in beautiful Victoria, BC with students around the world. You'll move through your chosen path together as you complete 3 modules and a global internship. 

In each location, you'll learn about the business context of the region: its industries, legal and economic systems, and cultural contours. But you'll also learn about global business. 

You'll build skills in:

  • business fundamentals
  • opportunity recognition
  • application and consulting methods 

At the same time, you'll develop your language skills and a global mindset—the 'soft' skills of effective interaction.

Module 1: Fundamentals

The first module will give you a deep understanding of doing business in a global environment and the unique characteristics of North American business. This module integrates international finance, strategy, marketing, global logistics and supply-chain management with an appreciation of North American legal, economic and social factors. You'll progress through a firm's stages of internationalization:

  • exporter issues
  • international firm issues
  • concerns related to multinational organizations

Courses include:

  • MGB 510 - The North American Business Context
  • MGB 512 - International Financial Management
  • MGB 516 - International Marketing and Global Strategy
  • MGB 519 - International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MGB 570 - Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence
  • MGB 583 - Language, Communication & Global Business
  • MGB 180 - Language Skills I

Module 2: Opportunities

The second module will give you an overview of how various industries deal with opportunity recognition and business development in a global setting, as well as in an Asian or European business context (depending on your path choice). Some industries include:

  • steel
  • food processing
  • ship building
  • fishery
  • petroleum
  • high tech

This module also focuses on successful global new business ventures and Asia’s or Europe’s entrepreneurial environment.

Courses include:

  • MGB 520 or MGB 530 - The Asian or European Business Context
  • MGB 525 - Business Development and Asia's or Europe's Entrepreneurial Environment
  • MGB 570 - Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence (Cont.)
  • MGB 583 - Language, Communication & Global Business (Cont.)
  • MGB 181 - Language Skills II

Module 3: Action

The third module prepares you to apply your knowledge and global perspective to solve business and industry issues and challenges. In this module, you will explore Asian, European or South American business contexts. It introduces you to various stages of consulting methods. In addition to exploring an Asian- or European-based organization with a global reach, students will receive an overview of their corporate governance structures, legal and economic systems, and environmental sustainability issues. They will also have the opportunity to provide consulting advice to the company.

Courses include:

  • MGB 520MGB 530 or MGB 540 - The Asian, European or South American Business Context
  • MGB 535 - Consulting Methods and Practice
  • MGB 536 - International Research and Consulting Report
  • MGB 570 - Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence (Cont.)
  • MGB 182 - Language Skills III

Global internship

The final module offers an exciting trans-national internship to put your learning into practice.

The UVic Co-op & Career portal on the Business co-op site posts hundreds of jobs each term. You can choose to apply to a range of positions in different industries and different countries. 

International students wishing to work in Canada will receive support applying for a co-op work permit. This is a requirement for international students interning in Canada. 

When it comes to length, role and location, MGB internships are incredibly diverse.