Meet Wade Danis – PhD

Wade Danis

Opportunities for students

A sought-after researcher in international business, global strategy and entrepreneurship, particularly in the context of emerging economies, Wade joined the Gustavson School of Business in 2011. He was drawn to the School because of its strong international perspective, its emphasis on research and the opportunity to contribute to a newly established PhD program in international management and organization.

According to Wade, “the first intake of students took place in 2010. And now, ten years later, we are achieving critical mass.” Wade feels that “because of our small size and the way our program is structured, there are more opportunities for students and faculty to work closely together and do innovative, cross-disciplinary research.”

One of the key benefits of the program, according to Wade, is the international mix of faculty and students – not just in terms countries of origin and educational backgrounds, but also in terms of global business experience.

Wade’s path to Gustavson

Before joining Gustavson, Wade taught MBA and executive courses in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and he consulted for well-known organizations in both Europe and North America. He also served on the business school faculties of Georgia State University and Marquette University.

As one of the School’s leading researchers, Wade believes that “the quality and relevance of the research taking place at the School is second to none.” Wade tells us, “because we’re a young, dynamic and relatively new program, there are opportunities for students and faculty to break new ground by publishing high-quality, cutting-edge research focused on emerging global issues.”

Small and connected

Coursework is supplemented with hands-on research and apprenticeship. Our school is well connected with a broad network of world-renowned universities and organizations. As part of the program, students have the option to participate in an international research exchange or industry practicum.

The small size of the program also allows the business school to work with each student to co-create a highly personalized program that emphasizes mentorship and peer-to-peer learning.  “Our collegial, yet high-performing, work environment can be attributed to the intentional design of the program,” says Wade.  He believes that the campus’ spectacular natural setting is also a central strength: “The natural beauty of our west coast helps to keep sustainability top of mind and this is reflected in our approach to business education and research.”

When asked what the University of Victoria and its PhD program should be known for Wade was hard-pressed to select just one.

Wade tells us “what differentiates the Gustavson School of Business is our vibrant culture, our passion for what we do and our integrated approach to business education, which provides unparalleled opportunities for collaboration in teaching and research.” According to Wade, “Our program is cross-functional and managed like an entrepreneurial organization. We may be small but, with our award-winning faculty and innovative approach, we tend to punch above our weight in both teaching and research.”