PhD in International Management and Organization

This is Wade, professor and researcher in the PhD program. He came to Gustavson because of its international heart and emphasis on research. Read more

See things differently. 

At its heart, our PhD program is focused on research that matters. As one of our students, you have a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with our award-winning faculty. Our small size means that you will be one of a select few working closely with your professors and peers to publish high-quality research and make a difference in the theory and practice of international business.

Brilliant by nature.

Be inspired by our beautiful, contemplative and reflective surroundings. Our University of Victoria campus provides the perfect backdrop for contemplation, deep thinking, collaboration and research.

International at heart.

Our integrative, yet highly specialized program emphasizes strategy, organizational behavior and sustainability within the context of international business. We focus on preparing our PhD students for high achievement in the academic setting.

A different point of view.

Our small size allows us to co-create a highly personalized program that works for you — one that’s based on mentorship and peer-to-peer learning. The international backgrounds and experiences of our faculty and students create a rich learning environment. We supplement coursework with hands-on research providing you with opportunities to apprentice with top-notch researchers.

Vibrant learning culture.

Our school is well connected with select world-renowned universities and an extensive network of organizations. As part of the program, you’ll have the option to participate in an international research exchange or industry practicum. As one of our PhD students, you’ll be able to tailor the program to fit your research and academic goals to enhance your own competencies.

Consider your footprint.

Our PhD program helps you see and understand things differently, asking you to consider the social, economic and environmental sustainability of international business.