PhD in International Management and Organization

The PhD Program in International Management and Organization is for those pursuing a research-track academic career, creating new knowledge that drives positive change.

The central mission of the Gustavson School of Business is to conduct research that is:

PhD students contribute to our school’s research mission by producing meaningful and impactful research.

Research that makes a difference

We value research that goes beyond simply describing the world the way it is and, instead, imagines the world the way it might be. Our program is well-suited for those that are curious about the world around them. This is especially true for those that want to explore meaningful societal issues and topics on a deeper level.

A Gustavson PhD program can take 4-6 years to complete so it is important that you are passionate about your research. There are many excellent faculty at the school with diverse research interests who can guide you through your journey. 

A culture of mentorship and collaboration

Our program’s small size and cohort-based admission allows for a close-knit community. You will have the opportunity to work with faculty to conduct innovative, cross-disciplinary research. In the last 5 years:

PhD students will develop their research and teaching skills through a semi-structured apprenticeship model. Students are encouraged to collaborate on research projects and journal publications with faculty and their peers in the process of building their research portfolio. The school also hosts a formal weekly research seminar series and workshops/events with active participation from all PhD students. Additionally, to support PhD students in developing their teaching skills, they are paired with a teaching mentor as part of their formal pedagogical training.

Research excellence

Our PhD students learn from world-renowned experts in the field of management and organization studies. Our school has received many awards, grants and special appointments for the quality, impact and relevance of our research.

Some of our school's recent achievements include:

Our faculty members have received recognition and awards such as:

Our PhD students have also received recognition for their academic and research excellence. Our students have published in top-tier journals such as Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies. Major international management conferences have recognized their work with best paper awards. You can find their research in conference organizations such as Academy of Management, Academy of International Business and Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. 

Student dissertation topics

Our PhD student research topics are broad and tied to their interests and values. They also align to the traditional streams of management such as strategy, entrepreneurship, international business, organizational theory, organizational behaviour, sustainability, cross-cultural management and comparative human resources.

Research themes of dissertation topics include:

We teach a balanced approach to methodology (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods).

Recent placement of alumni

Since its establishment in 2010, our PhD program has produced many successful graduates. Academic placements in the last 3 years include: