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MGB Students
MGB Students on a Company Visit

With the MGB degree, a wide range of internship and career doors will be open to you. The curriculum includes courses in International Finance, International Marketing, Global Strategy, Global Supply Chain Management, Consulting Methods and more. You will also study courses that are unique to the MGB program, such as Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence as well as Language, Communication and Global Business.

Your global and personal skillset

Graduates of the program gain distinct attributes such as:

It’s this combination of knowledge, skills and experience that differentiate MGB graduates from others. Employers who value these qualities and need them to make their businesses successful have proven to be interested in MGB graduates.

Of course, MGB graduates also have to be smart, savvy, ambitious, intelligent, hardworking and good team players with positive attitudes. These are all personal qualities that anyone must have if they want to develop a great career: employers definitely look for them when they hire. The MGB program helps you to develop these important attributes.

Where MGB interns work

In the MGB program, you will gain first-hand business experience by completing an internship. When it comes to length, role and location, MGB internships are incredibly diverse. Learn about the possibilities.  

Where MGB graduates work

MGB graduates find career positions based on the program’s academic and experiential content, including their internship. Additionally, personal qualities, previous qualifications and relevant prior work experience also factor into their career success. Explore the wide scope of career paths our MGB graduates have taken.