Meet our MGB alumni


Claire Altares

Claire Altares

Home Country: Canada

MGB: January 2017 Entry Path 3

Current Position: Premium Banker & Mutual Fund Advisor, HSBC

After years of working and travelling following my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, I decided I needed to get into an industry that would let me do both simultaneously. When I came across the MGB program, while searching for business programs online, I immediately committed to completing the Certificate of Business Administration Fast Track Program at the University of Victoria and then applied to the MGB program shortly after.   

The MGB provided an amazing opportunity to experience the life of an expat with diverse yet similar people who intuitively became family throughout the time in the program. Being able to live and learn in three different continents in one year provided us with endless opportunities to practice our adaptability and opened up our minds to many more different perspectives that we were not aware of before. Living in each country gave us much more knowledge and wisdom in addition to what we learned from inside the classroom setting.

No matter where you go, it is what you make of it! During this program, many of us were able to take advantage of the proximity of other countries surrounding us in each of the continents. This enabled us to further expand our understanding of the different cultures and contexts in North America, Europe, and South America, and prepare us for exploring other continents through not only the lens of business but also from other angles of life. Being able to obtain a master’s degree while simultaneously learning through adventures around the world is something that is truly a remarkable and memorable experience.

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Clara Bouhamou

Clara Bouhamou

Clara Bouhamou

Home Countries: France and Morocco

MGB: January 2015 Entry Path 4

Current Position: Manager of Strategy, Service Excellence, People & Culture, CarePros

As soon as I learned about the UVic MGB program, I wanted to be a part of it!

Before being an MGB student, I completed an undergraduate degree in Business Management in France, worked as a business manager, and was the president of a humanitarian association for Moroccan villages. However, the Master of Global Business was the most breathtaking and challenging experience of my life. There is nothing like this kind of program anywhere else.

First, cohort sizes are small, which helped us create a strong team. Second, we studied in incredible facilities and had great opportunities to network around the world, thanks to the design of the program. Third, we had the opportunity to visit companies and learn more about their ways of doing business. Finally, our professors become mentors who helped us grow within this program. Another incredible experience is developing our team skills. We became a family by living, studying, cooking, partying, crying, and travelling together. This experience is unique, and will make you part of a special, diverse and amazing team.
Living in three different countries in only nine months was one of the most amazing but challenging experiences. We all learned about our boundaries and enhanced our ability to adapt. Living and studying abroad, the MGB program offers various practical exercises to develop your business skills, such as being a consultant for a foreign company.

The Master of Global Business is incredible. It will change you and your vision of life. By being part of the MGB family, you truly become a global citizen.

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Felipe Civita

Felipe Civita

Home Country: Brazil

MGB: January 2018 Entry Path 3

Current position: International Projects Officer, NorQuest College

After working in international business for two and a half years, I found myself looking for a graduate program that would provide me with a deeper understanding of how to develop effective international strategies and a solid cross-cultural understanding. However, I wanted to stay away from graduate programs that focused heavily on theory – I wanted a more hands-on program. 

Although the MGB program provides a strong theoretical foundation, its innovative curriculum and unique classroom settings provide students with the necessary tools to become global leaders. The curriculum is very hands-on, and I often found myself engaged in discussions with my colleagues around different international strategies and analyzing real companies and deals. There is a strong focus on social and environmental sustainability and the role of future leaders in making business decisions.

The program is also a great tool to expand your international network. Given the broad diversity of students and faculty, I find myself in a privileged position with an expanded network of contacts worldwide. 

As I moved through the semester in Victoria, Maastricht and Lima, my colleagues and I discussed effective international business strategies and how companies can successfully enter new markets..

Please contact me if you have any questions about the program - I'd love to chat! 

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UVic MGB Student Keivan Hirji

Keivan Hirji

Keivan Hirji

Home Country: Canada

MGB: January 2019 Entry Path 4

Current Position: Policy Advisor, Marine Mammal Unit, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

If you truly want to understand global business, you can’t just learn it, you have to live it. As business becomes more cosmopolitan, companies are critically challenged to interact with cultures from around the world. The UVic MGB program is unrivalled in its applied and experiential learning with an international scope. This offers a sharp competitive edge and set of expertise that firms are desperately searching for when recruiting talent.

One of the most impactful benefits of the MGB program is the cultural diversity in each cohort. In our class of 26 students, we had 12 different nationalities represented. This has allowed me to establish an international network of ambitious colleagues, which will be invaluable when practicing global business in the future. Moreover, I have made lifelong friends from around the world, united in our shared sense of global citizenship.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

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David Lee

David Hyun Min Lee

Home Country: Canada

MGB: September 2018 Entry Path 1

Current Position: Analyst, Securities Settlements at RBC Capital Markets

It is no longer a secret that global business has a direct impact on small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), corporations, and governments. Many policies and free trade agreements are being developed across the world to drive its economy. As a result, most organizations are not only searching for candidates with knowledge in global business, but those with intercultural competencies, adaptability, and flexibility as well.

Over the course of the MGB program, I was able to learn the fundamentals of global business with an opportunity to apply this knowledge on a major consulting project in Austria and internship at the Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands. In addition, an opportunity to obtain Mandarin language certification was an added bonus. Meanwhile, the value of company visits in each region could not be ignored, as some of our cohorts were able to find an internship through them.

What truly separates the UVic MGB program from the rest of global business programs is its true diversity and experiencing life in three to four countries throughout the globe. The frustrations from long flights and layovers, travelling every week to nearby cities/countries, packing every three months, trying stinky tofu in Taiwan, and being mesmerized by the architecture in Europe, are few perks of this program. Also, you will learn to adapt and respect each other's culture, as well as learn a few basic phrases in more than five languages. But, most importantly, your cohorts will be there with you to share joyful moments and offer a shoulder to cry on.

As a proud alumni of the MGB program, I cannot encourage enough for those seeking a true global business program or in pursuit of global career to grab this opportunity and begin a journey that will truly change your life!

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Rachel Mack

Rachel Mack

Home Country: Canada

MGB: September 2014 Entry Path 2

Current Position: Channel Partner Manager, Comm100

If you want to spend an incredible year travelling around the world, growing your personal network of contacts on a global scale, and learning firsthand how business is done internationally, then this is the program for you.

It’s a whirlwind of a journey!  From the first week at orientation, bonding with classmates who have quickly became best friends, colleagues, travel partners, study buddies and, when the homework really piled up, shoulders to cry on; to making it through the stretch of final exams, to booking flights for European weekend getaways, and applying for internships around the globe, the program has it all.

It’s by no means an easy journey; there have been tests of strength at every turn. But it’s hard to stay down for too long when you look out the window and see the narrow streets of France, or when you realize that pretty much everyone is going through what you’re going through, and you’re all in it together.

Living around the world in a year sounds like a dream, and in a lot of ways it is. But, it also requires a lot of hard work, perseverance, dedication, and most importantly, an open mind. I would recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t want to just learn about international business, but wants to experience it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 

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Reza Ahmad

Ahmadreza Mohammadi

Ahmadreza Mohammadi

Home Country: Canada

MGB: September 2016 Entry Path 2

Current Position: Policy Analyst, Environment and Climate Change Canada

The MGB program at UVic is truly a rewarding experience and I have to say that I am glad I chose this program. This program offers unique experiences that you won’t be able to find in any other business programs. Regardless of the path that you choose, the program will challenge you both personally and academically. This program is an opportunity for you to learn not only how business works from an international perspective, but to also learn about yourself. You will discover certain skills and capabilities about yourself that you never knew you had. We all learn about our boundaries and intensify our adaptability skills.

Living and studying in three different countries in only nine months is one of the most amazing but challenging things to do. Along your journey, you will face challenges, but your classmates are there to help you along the way. Being on this journey together with your friends and classmates is what makes this program truly a great experience. The MGB not only offers great classes with knowledgeable professors, but the opportunity to make new friends from all around the world. This is truly an amazing program that I would recommend to anyone. Thanks to the program, for me, the world now looks different from here.

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Katie Pearce

Katie Pearce

Home Country: Canada

MGB: September 2014 Entry Path 1

Current Position: Commercial Management, Associated British Ports

There is really nothing else like the MGB program. You’re challenged and exposed to new experiences daily and the best part is that the learning extends beyond the classroom and onto the streets of the 3 different countries we get to live in. We’re taught by world-class professors and we have constant support from a super administrative team, so we know we’re in good hands. Beyond the usual business courses, there is an emphasis on leadership, communication, personal reflection and cross-cultural awareness that contributes to your own personal and professional growth and I believe this is what sets the MGB apart from other International Graduate Business programs.

I came to the MGB with an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and International Development Studies and 3 years of work experience at an international consulting firm, so even though my academic background was not rooted in Business Administration, I found I was able to make meaningful contributions to class discussions and group projects. Our different backgrounds contributed fresh perspectives and creative approaches when we tackled issues brought up in class.

The cohort model of the program makes it possible to make friends for life from diverse backgrounds and nationalities because we live, study and travel together all year long. School doesn’t just have to consist of sitting in a classroom and reading from textbooks or case studies. A program like the MGB proves that in spades.

My advice would be to bring an open mind, a good work ethic and teamwork-oriented attitude, and most importantly, a sense of adventure.

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