Program features

UVic MGB students travelling around the world
MGB '19 Students

The Master of Global Business offers you an exciting graduate business education experience. This program is ideal for recent graduates from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

Choose your path around the world and experience how business is done globally. Complete your degree in 12 to 16 months. 

Up for the challenge? Check our admissions to see if this program is right for you. 

Intensive cross-cultural experience

The Master of Global Business program takes you out of your cultural comfort zone. You will be among a diverse cohort of students. Come experience a variety of nationalities, cultures, languages, and previous international experiences. This enhances cross-cultural learning and makes the "global" element of this degree real. 

What you have in common with your cohort is a keen desire to:

You won't find another program in Canada quite like ours. The Master of Global Business classroom is without walls or borders. In each module, you learn about the business context of the region: its industries, legal and economic system, and cultural contours. But you also learn about global business. You will build from the fundamentals to opportunity recognition to actual application and consulting methods. 

At the same time, you develop your language skills and global mindset — the 'soft' skills of effective interaction.

A mobile, diverse cohort

Take charge and choose your own path around the world. Choose one of four paths. You'll immerse yourself in diverse business environments for a well-rounded global business education. 

Together with students from each path's partner institutions, you study and travel as a close-knit group for nine months. You and your classmates become truly dependent on each other as you move around the world. 

You develop an acute awareness of your own culture and the cultures of your classmates. You will understand how business is different in different parts of the world. The experience both humbles you and calls on your leadership. As well, a powerful camaraderie forms among your cohort. This is evident in your final team presentations. 

First-hand experience

Because a core value of the MGB program is learning by doing, you "live out of a suitcase" for a year as you travel the world. Here you develop your global mindset, cultural intelligence and professional business savvy. You experience an exciting and challenging program of academic, professional and personal growth. 

After the nine-month academic part of the program, you finish with a global internship. This helps you launch your international career. Our dedicated staff will help you find the internship that fits your career goals. 

You also complete a major consulting project for an external organization on an international business issue. 

Support throughout the journey

Each student cohort consists of high-achieving, motivated individuals. This ensures your journey together is a smooth one. The strong institutional partnerships and centralized planning of the curriculum at UVic ensures consistent quality of courses from country to country. 

The faculty teaching these courses engage in leading edge research in international business in areas such as:

These faculty members also move back and forth along with the students throughout this “educational journey.” This ensures seamless integration along all dimensions of the program.

A global mindset and skill-set

By graduation, you will develop: