Here are some of the frequently asked questions about UVic's Master of Global Business program. If you any other questions, please contact our MGB Program office by email at  at or by telephone at 250-472-4140.

What's the duration the MGB program?

Our Master of Global Business (MGB) program is 12-16 months in duration. The program includes a global internship that takes you to 3 countries/continents, depending on your path choice. Your education will be a totally unique experience. 

For the September entry point, you must attend full time from the beginning of September to the end of August. For the January entry point, you attend from the beginning of January to the end of December.

Can I do the MGB program part-time or online?

No, the MGB Program is a full time program delivered face-to-face.

Are there scholarships available to MGB students?

Scholarships will be available to applicants whose undergraduate academic performance is exceptional. Scholarship amounts will vary, depending on applicants’ undergraduate GPA, comparative to other applicants. 

The UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid also provides information about Canada Student Loans and other awards.

What are my living costs in each MGB path location?

The cost of living varies for individuals depending on the MGB path choice, city and individual lifestyle expectations. Students will have to budget for accommodation, local transportation, food, health and personal care, and more. 

There are online resources that can provide up-to-date information on the cost of living in different cities around the world.

Do I have to write the GMAT/GRE?

No, GMAT/GRE scores are NOT a MGB admission requirement.

How do you calculate my GPA?

The university has a system to review and translate grades should your grade scale be different from UVic's 9 point scale. International students should check the minimum requirements from other countries.

How is my application reviewed?

We review and assess all parts of an application as a whole. We do so with a focus on your academic achievements, experience, references, potential and aptitude.

How can I check the status of my application?

After applying online, you can check the status of your application by visiting MYSTATUS. As January-April is a busy season for the Graduate Admissions office, please allow a few weeks for processing. Any discrepancies, please contact the .

I'm an international student. What documents do I require to study in Canada?

Please review our international degree student information or visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. You need a Study Permit to study at the University of Victoria.

Am I eligible to apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?

As an international graduate of the UVic MGB program, you may be eligible to apply for the PGWP as long as you meet all the eligibility requirements. For the most updated information on this subject, please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

A PGWP may be issued based on the length of the study program. Learn more about the PGWP work permit validity.