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//Public Administration of Public Administration of Graduate Studies/graduatestudiesYes/graduatestudies/admissions/admissions/index.phpApply for admissionDoctorateOn-campus2Not applicableNoneThe PhD program prepares students for scholarly and leadership roles in universities, government, non-profit organizations, research institutes and other settings where knowledge and research skills in public administration and policy are needed./ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Prerequisite Minimum standing MA, MPA A- in the last two years of academic work Applicants must also meet the general admission requirements for the Faculty of Graduate Studies. APPLICATION DEADLINES Entry point Domestic students International students September March 15 December 15 EXAMS AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS Resume Statement of intent Research overview For details, please consult the Public Administration website

Program advisers

  • Dr. Herman Bakvis, grad adviser - or 250-721-8065
  • Ms. Judy Selina, grad administrative assistant - or 250-721-6448

Department directory

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-8055 HSD A302
FAX 250-721-8849
Director Catherine Althaus 250-721-8084 HSD A302a
Assistant to the Director & Office Mgr. Belle Young 250-721-8056 HSD A302
A/Academic Administrative Officer Silvia Dulc 250-472-4196 HSD A312

Master of Public Administration

Graduate Student Advisor Herman Bakvis 250-721-8065 HSD A342
Graduate Administrative Assistant Judy Selina 250-721-6448 HSD A302

Co-operative Education

Co-op Coordinator Barbara Svec 250-721-8064 HSD A366
Co-op Assistant Christine Corr 250-721-8061 HSD A302

Undergraduate & Diploma Programs

FAX 250-721-8849
Program Manager Heather Kirkham 250-721-8067 HSD A306
Undergraduate & Diploma Secretary Tara Da Silva 250-721-8074 HSD A302

Centre for Public Sector Studies (CPSS)

FAX 250-721-8849
Executive Director Thea Vakil 250-721-6442 HSD A314
CPSS Professional Development Support Jennifer Guest 250-472-4585 HSD A379

Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution

FAX 250-721-8849
Program Manager Heather Kirkham 250-721-8067 HSD A306
Graduate Student Advisor Tara Ney 250-721-8199 HSD A316
Graduate Administrative Assistant Judy Selina 250-721-6448 HSD A302

Masters of Arts in Community Development

Program Manager Wendy Swan 250-721-8082 HSD A363
Graduate Administrative Assistant Tara Da Silva 250-721-8074 HSD A302

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Administrative Assistant Tara Da Silva 250-721-8074 HSD A302

Diploma in First Nations Government and Administration

Program Manager Marcia Dawson 250-472-4391 HSD A304

Co-operative education opportunities

What is co-op?

Co-operative education (co-op) is a learning strategy that lets you:

  • alternate your academic studies with paid, relevant work experience in your field of study
  • enrich your academic studies by drawing on practical, real-world experience from your work terms
  • develop competencies to excel in the workplace
  • potentially pursue work terms related to your graduate research or project
Can you do co-op?

Graduate co-op may be available to students who are pursuing thesis and non-thesis (or professional) degrees. Participation is optional, and admission is determined after consultation with your graduate adviser and department. Contact the co-op program in your degree area for details, or email

Note: Co-op is not open to one-year graduate degrees, graduate certificates and diplomas, and non-degree graduate students.

What other career development support does UVic offer?

UVic Co-op and Career can support you through every stage of your career development, through:

Looking for work?

Apply for all types of job opportunities at

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Three Minute Thesis (3MT)
Graduate Students' Society

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