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Law ( Masters )

The LL.M. in Law and Society is a highly rewarding, research-oriented, interdisciplinary program. We accept students across a wide range of subject areas and emphasize a law and society approach. Our program welcomes engagement with Canadian, international, and comparative dimensions of the study of law, for example with respect to the Asia-Pacific region. Our particular areas of strength are: Aboriginal law and Indigenous rights, environmental law and policy, legal history, legal theory, (especially feminist and critical legal theory), constitutional law, and market regulation (including employment and labour law, international private law, and commercial law).


Prerequisite Minimum standing

LLB, JD, or equivalent

Civil Law degree

B+ in final two years (6.0 GPA)

Applicants must also meet the general admission requirements for the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


Entry point Domestic students International students
September January 31
January 7


  • Resume/CV
  • One-page thesis proposal
  • TOEFL 100 (internet based) or IELTS 7.0
  • For details, please consult the Law website

Program advisers

Department directory

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office and Reception 250-721-8150 FRA 102
FAX - General Office 250-721-6390 FRA 106
FAX - Faculty 250-721-8146 FRA 240
Dean Jeremy Webber 250-721-8147 FRA 108
Assistant to the Dean Katharine Waring 250-721-8147 FRA 108
Associate Dean, Academic & Student Relations Gillian Calder 250-721-8152 FRA 105
Assistant to Associate Dean, Academic & Student Relations Cheryl Lawrence 250-721-8152 FRA 102
Associate Dean, Administration & Research Freya Kodar 250-721-8190 FRA 225
Manager, Academic Administration & Student Services Yvonne Lawson 250-721-8153 FRA 103
Assistant to Manager, Academic Admin & Student Services Jordan Forbes 250-721-6162 FRA 102
Law Admissions Officer Janet Person 250-721-8155 FRA 115
Admissions & Financial Aid Assistant Dailene O'Neill 250-721-8151 FRA 117
Financial Aid Officer Jennifer Ambers 250-721-8166 FRA 118
Cultural Support Liason Darcy Lindberg 250-472-4761 FRA 191
ELC Coordinator Holly Pattison 250-721-8188 FRA 288
Alumni Relations Officer Laura Pringle 250-853-3518 FRA 131d
Development Officer Daniele Lavoie 250-472-5627 FRA 131e
Manager, Finance & Administration Rosemary McCutcheon 250-721-8198 FRA 121
Financial Assistant Lisa Ouellette 250-721-8191 FRA 123
Research Facilitation Officer Heather Chestnutt 3600 FRA 140d
Faculty Support Assistant Gail Rogers 250-721-8160 FRA 241
Faculty Support Assistant Colleen Chong 250-721-8177 FRA 217
Graduate Program Assistant Abby Winograd 250-721-8913 FRA 216
Law Co-op Coordinator Francine Proctor 250-721-8196 FRA 131c
Law Co-op Assistant Laura Dryburgh 250-721-8195 FRA 140b
Law Careers Office Assistant Kyla Patterson 250-721-8790 FRA 140
Financial Aid Officer Jennifer Ambers 250-721-8166 FRA 118
ILRU Coordinator Yvette Sellars 250-721-8914 FRA 216a
Communications Officer Julie Sloan 250-721-8167 FRA 119
Law Careers Officer Deb Kennedy 250-472-4719 FRA 140C

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