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Chemistry ( Doctorate )

Research areas in this program are broadly concentrated in two areas. One is centred on physical chemistry, reaction dynamics, spectroscopy, and photochemistry - the Reactivity, Dynamics and Spectroscopy group (RDS). The second is centred on synthetic and structural chemistry with an emphasis on property-directed synthesis - the Property-Directed Synthesis group (PDS). The emphasis on two areas of expertise in place of the traditional sub-disciplines (analytical, inorganic, organic, physical) provides a broadly based graduate program in which collaborative interactions between individuals can flourish. Specialist expertise is recognized and developed, together with attitudes and skills essential for multi-disciplinary research.

Entrance requirements

Prerequisite Minimum standing
MSc A-

Applicants must meet the general admission requirements for the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Application deadlines

Entry point Domestic students International students
September February 1 February 1
January June 1 June 1
May October 1 October 1

Exams and other requirements

  • GRE General and Chemistry test scores with a score in 85th percentile or better on GRE Chemistry subject test
  • For details, please consult the Chemistry website

Program advisers

Department directory

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Chair Neil Burford 250-721-7150 ELL 303
Department Secretary Sandra Carlson 250-721-7150 ELL 302
Administrative Officer Rosemary Pulez 250-721-7153 ELL 304
Receptionist/ Secretary Lori Aasebo 250-721-7152 ELL 301
Graduate Secretary Sandra Baskett 250-721-7156 ELL 301
FAX 250-721-7147
Co-op and Career Peter Cross 250-721-7713 ELL 118
Chemistry Co-op Secretary Megan Cox 250-721-6122 ELL 119
Laboratory Supervisor Dave Berry 250-721-7170 ELL 334e
Glass Shop Sean Adams 250-721-7203 ELL 020
Mechanical Shop Chris Secord 250-721-7721 ELL 029
Electronics Shop Andrew Macdonald 250-721-7188 ELL 232
Electronics Shop Shubha Hosalli 250-721-7188 ELL 232

Co-operative education opportunities

What is co-op?

Co-operative education (co-op) is a learning strategy that lets you:

  • alternate your academic studies with paid, relevant work experience in your field of study
  • enrich your academic studies by drawing on practical, real-world experience from your work terms
  • develop competencies to excel in the workplace
  • potentially pursue work terms related to your graduate research or project
Can you do co-op?

Graduate co-op may be available to students who are pursuing thesis and non-thesis (or professional) degrees. Participation is optional, and admission is determined after consultation with your graduate adviser and department. Contact the co-op program in your degree area for details, or email

Note: Co-op is not open to one-year graduate degrees, graduate certificates and diplomas, and non-degree graduate students.

What other career development support does UVic offer?

UVic Co-op and Career can support you through every stage of your career development, through:

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