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University of Victoria Graduate Awards & Fellowships

The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides awards to graduate students of high academic standing. The distribution, value and duration of these awards and fellowships are determined by each academic unit.

  • UVic Fellowships of up to $17,500 per year (master's) and $20,000 per year (PhD)
  • UVic Graduate Awards of up to $10,000 per year (master’s and PhD)



Application deadline

No application required


  • Canadian and international students are eligible
  • The minimum requirement for consideration is an A- average on the last two years of course work. Meeting the minimum eligibility does not guarantee you will receive an award
  • Full-time registration (3.0 units) for UVic Fellowship holders and at least part-time registration (1.5 units) for UVic Graduate Award holders
  • Full time registration for students who are registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) is 1.5 units

Selection criteria & regulations

You do not need to apply.

If you are applying to do graduate studies at UVic, your application for admission will be used by your academic unit to consider you for awards and fellowships. We encourage you to have your admission application and all supporting documents to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office as early as possible, and no later than the application deadline for your academic unit.

If you are a continuing graduate student, your progress in the program will be used by your academic unit to determine your eligibility for awards and/or fellowships.

The timelines and process for award and fellowship decisions differ for each academic unit. Generally, academic units are making award decisions in the spring for the following academic year (September-August). Some academic units reserve funds and make more award decisions for January and May entry students. Contact your graduate adviser for information on how these decisions are handled in your academic unit.

If you are entering an individual interdisciplinary graduate program, you'll find information on awards in the interdisciplinary student program handbook.

UVic fellowship regulations

UVic graduate award regulations