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Heather J. Lindstedt and Brian A. Pollick Fellowship

A fellowship is awarded to an Art History and Visual Studies PhD (post-comprehensive) student whose work falls within the general subject area of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society (CSRS) and who wishes to experience extensive interaction with a variety of other scholars and graduate students at the CSRS.

Applications will be adjudicated by the CSRS. If there is no eligible post-comprehensive doctoral student, the award will be given to an alternate graduate student according to the following preference:

  1. A MA student in Art History and Visual Studies
  2. A graduate student in Fine Arts working in some aspect of visual studies
  3. A graduate student whose thesis/dissertation involves any aspect of the medieval/early-modern time period, in any discipline
  4. Any graduate student the CSRS deems qualified



Application deadline

June 15


Normally, the minimum requirement for consideration is an A- average and any additional criteria that has been established by the donor. Application details, deadlines and eligibility criteria are all listed in the award description. Unless otherwise noted in the award description, you must be a full-time graduate student. 

Retaining funding

Ongoing UVic graduate funding requires students to maintain a minimum level of academic standing and some ongoing maintenance.

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