Insurance program summary

The university has a centrally funded insurance program that extends to members of the university community, sanctioned activities of the university and university property.

The following is a list of the insurance policies presently being purchased by the university.  Please click on the policy name for further information about the policy that will answer most general questions.  **Please note that it does not include all of the conditions and exclusions that might apply on this policy.**

If you have any additional questions about the insurance implication of an activity or stiuation in which your faculty, department or ancillary unit is involved, please contact the manager, risk, insurance & continuity planning at 250-853-3759.

Insurance Policies

Policy Description
Property Covers all property of every description owned or controlled by the university against all risks of physical loss or damage.
Liability Covers the legal liability from university operations which cause bodily injury, personal injury or damage to property of third parties.
 Errors and omissions Covers the legal liability for Wrongful Acts - includes coverage normally referred to as Directors and Officers Liability as well.
 Automobile Covers third party liability, accident benefits, etc., for all vehicles owned by the University of Victoria listed under the fleet policy.
Drones All drones should be added to the inventory; liability coverage may apply based on weight limits.
 Marine equipment (local waters) Covers oceanographic equipment while deployed in local waters excluded by the property policy.

 Marine equipment (international waters)

Covers oceanographic equipment while deployed in international waters excluded by the property policy.
 Equipment breakdown Covers machinery breakdown on boilers, pressure vessels, electrical and mechanical equipment (motors, transformers, switchgear, air conditioning units) on a full repair/replacement basis.
 Crime Covers against theft of money or securities
 Fine Arts Covers physical loss or damage to paintings, etchings, drawings, musical instruments of all description, rare books, manuscripts and other bonafide works of art or rarity, historic value or artistic merit as per the wording agreed to by the underwriters.  All items to be insured must be listed and valued per schedule on file with the underwriters.
 Hull and machinery Covers property and third party liability arising from the use of the John Strickland vessel.
 Practicum student Covers students while on practicum or work experience which has been approved or arranged by the University of Victoria.
 Transit cargo (shipping/receiving goods) Covers goods to be shipped or received valued over $5,000.
 Travel accident Covers employees for Accidental Death and Dismemberment while travelling on university business.
 Varsity sports U.S. medical accident Covers medical expenses for varsity athletes and coaches during travel to the U.S.
 Course of construction and wrap up liability

Covers damage or loss during the course of construction of new buildings and renovations with a budget over $100,000.