MacLaurin D-Wing Seismic Upgrade

The MacLaurin building was constructed in 1966, with the second floor D-Wing addition in 1971.  This project represents the completion of the 2011 Knowledge Infrastructure Project (KIP) work and consists of life safety upgrades to the MacLaurin D-Wing as part of the seismic projects currently being implemented by the University of Victoria.

The main elements of this project are the construction of 12 concrete shear walls at interior and exterior locations, steel bracing of skylights, patching and remediation of building elements directly associated with the construction of the new shear walls, minor roof repairs, redevelopment of the Curriculum Library space (currently the Faculty of Education Learning Commons), and interior renewals for selected classrooms. 

A detailed construction phasing plan was generated for each stage of the project to clearly communicate to all stakeholders and building users how the phased construction process would work. 

The project had been underway since November 2018 and the Project Team has been working closely with the Vice President Finance and Operations, Registrar’s Office, Room Bookings, other UVic partners, and the Construction Manager to best accommodate the need for active classrooms in the D-Wing while construction was underway.

Phase 1, 2, 2A and 2B have been successfully completed with minimized disruption to staff and students in the MacLaurin buildings and neighbouring pathways and buildings. Phase 3, the final phase of the project is in progress.

The project was completed in August 2020.

Site Photos

Stay Informed

Construction notices

Facilities Management issues Project Notices to building occupants in MacLaurin A-Wing, D-Wing and surrounding buildings to notify of any potential disruptive or noisy work that may occur during the day, such as concrete delivery and upcoming noisy evening or weekend work.

Bi-weekly construction notification activities

Our bi-weekly construction notifications are distributed to staff, students and other building occupants who are in or around the MacLaurin Building.  It shows what the construction crews are working on from day-to-day and includes site plans and floor plans, indicating current work zones.

Shear wall locations

Shear walls (SW) - mass concrete structural elements - are sometimes referenced in our notifications.  View a map of all the shear wall locations in the building.

Project Timeline

This work was completed in August 2020. View a high-level project schedule.image

Project Team

For further information regarding this project, please contact Adam Gerber, Project Manager, Facilities Management at 250-472-4699