Community building fund

The Community Building Fund is a funding opportunity to support selected new projects or events that focus on enhancing equity, diversity and inclusion at the University of Victoria. This is an opportunity to recognize people individually and in groups who are making a difference. It is also a recognition that each of us can lead from where they are. Faculty, staff and students are all encouraged to apply.

Past Community Building Fund projects

Mase’s talk on the night of Jan. 26th 2017 was titled, “How I Survived the Gay Rights Movement as a Trans Person of Color”. Despite late planning and advertising (necessary, given the short window of availability for Lansdowne Scholar funds), and competing with Diversity Week activities, our room was filled to capacity (>50 attendees) with faculty, students, staff, and community members taking in Mase’s talk. After his hour-long presentation, there was a lively question-and-answer session, and many stayed beyond the event’s end to continue discussing issues of privilege, allyship, White Supremacy, and intersectionality that Mase’s talk had raised.

On the following day, Jan. 27th, Mase gave a 3-hour workshop entitled, “The Solidarity Framework”. Once again, our event was filled to capacity (~30 attendees), consisting of faculty and students from numerous departments. At the end of workshop, attendees had defined and shared concrete solidarity plans for the next week, month, three months, and six months.

  • IdeaFest: Sooke Elementary School Principles of Learning project:

Grade five students and teachers at Sooke Elementary School have taken part in a ground-breaking pilot project to incorporate First Peoples Principles of Learning into public school curriculum. Developed by the First Nations Education Steering Committee, the First Peoples Principles of Learning draw on Indigenous knowledge and worldviews to cultivate leadership, collaboration, and critical and creative thinking. In a series of displays, collages and informal conversations, teachers, students and UVic researchers will share how the Principles of Learning can transform the teaching and learning process.

  • Diversity Pannel:

By the Equity and Diversity Committee of the Faculty of Law, in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Law Club and the Indigenous Law Club, hosted a Diversity Panel to address the role of ethnic and racial diversity in the legal profession. Each presenter spoke to their experience of growing up within a cultural minority in our society before attending law school, and how this influenced their decision to go to law school, their experience of law school, and their path to becoming a lawyer.

For more information on the Community Building Fund, please contact:

Moussa Magassa
Human Rights Advisor- Education
Equity and Human Rights