Commit to action

We have curated an extensive suite of educational tools and strategies that will support UVic community members on their Anti-racist journey. Each of these activities are designed to:

  • Create opportunities for UVic students, staff, faculty and community partners to reflect on racism and other discriminations on campus and in the wider community.
  • Provide an entry point to having courageous conversations about how to challenge racism on campus and create a more welcoming, inclusive and respectful academic online environment
  • Engage participants in critical self-reflection on a range of teaching practices, including the construction of syllabi, the stories we tell in lecture, the perils of class discussions, and our assumptions about students
  • Critically examine the intersections between decolonization and anti-racism.
  • Develop a list of recommended actions to inform our approaches to anti-racism advocacy and policy development work.
  • Open up ‘safe spaces’ to share everyday advocacy strategies in building allyship and combating racism.

Way forward

Anti-racism education work is not new at UVic. For many years, university community members have worked tirelessly, advocating for an anti-racist campus. The current Anti-racism Education Program is on-going and seeks to incorporate as many voices and education strategies as possible. We call on all UVic students, staff and faculty to join to combat racism and all forms of discrimination.

If you would like to be part of the initiative, please contact:

Moussa Magassa, PhD
Specialist, EDI Education and Partnerships

Equity and Human Rights