Offices and resources

Access resources on and off campus if you are affected by sexualized violence, discrimination, harassment or bullying. You can contact these services directly or we can make referrals.

Emergency help

I need... Call For
Immediate assistance for police, ambulance or fire 9 1 1 Emergency assistance
On-campus security concerns including emergency reporting of sexualized violence 250-721-7599 Campus Security Services
A security escort to walk safely between campus buildings or to my vehicle 250-721-7599 SafeWalk (a Campus Security service)
To talk to someone immediately (e.g. due to an emotional crisis including thoughts of suicide) 1-888-494-3888 Vancouver Island Crisis Line
Assistance or information about sexual assault or sexual abuse (women & trans people) 250-383-3232 Victoria Sexual Assault Centre
Support to heal from the effects of trauma (men) 250-381-6367 Men's Trauma Centre
For transgender people experiencing a crisis 877-330-6366 Trans Lifeline
For phone or online assistance for UVic employees 250-721-8085 Employee assistance program

On-campus resources

Victoria and Vancouver Island resources

Distance resources

Crisis lines

Employment and legal support